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  1. Hey all,


    I'm a pretty dedicated player, I don't jump servers a lot. I like to find a home. And of course, if i find the right place, I'll help to pay for the server, if that is helpful.


    A friend of mine is finally getting a gaming PC, and is very eager to join me on an Exile server, as he has been watching me play for months.


    I have a list of things I know I enjoy, but nothing is set in stone.

    1. PvE

    2. Base Building

    3. Harder AI (but not insane)

    4. Advanced Movement

    5. Lots of missions

    6. Roaming AI, that hunt players, call in QRF, etc. Ground Vics, Air, etc

    7. The tools available to deal with advanced AI (AA weaponry, AT weaponry)

    8. Upgraded AI tactics

    9. Recruit AI (or pets, but I've only read about those, never used them)

    10. Water based missions, loot, etc

    11. Admins available to assist form the occasional bug or issue


    Anyone have these features? Let me know, please.