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  1. What's the point of bringing gewerh and hbar if a white gun is more effective. 


    5 second craft vz58 VS 1.5 hour craft purple gun or even 6 hour craft adr.. 


    It makes almost no difference. 


    Why are those guns purple or epic  all guns should be same color no gun should take 1.5 hour to craft or longer.. 


    Akm is probably the best gun in the game right now and 1min craft it makes zero sense a purple or epic gun should be the best 

  2. The game still crashes when crafting disinfectant... 

    We still cannot craft disinfectants in stacks... It takes like 30 min to craft a 100 of them.... 


    Game also still crashes but alot less than before luckily. 


    God cheating spot in fiske fabrik still not fixed either..