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  1. Dig4tal

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    Instead of akm being white it should be purple 1 class above am 74
  2. When o when will this get addressed?
  3. Dig4tal

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    All one need to do is hook up keyboard and mouse and play vz58. Nobody with adr have any chance... All white guns and green guns and even blue need to be nerfed to the point where all purples and epics are better
  4. Dig4tal

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    Akm is much better than adr tho and it needs to be nerfed same as vz
  5. Dig4tal

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    What's the point of bringing gewerh and hbar if a white gun is more effective. 5 second craft vz58 VS 1.5 hour craft purple gun or even 6 hour craft adr.. It makes almost no difference. Why are those guns purple or epic all guns should be same color no gun should take 1.5 hour to craft or longer.. Akm is probably the best gun in the game right now and 1min craft it makes zero sense a purple or epic gun should be the best
  6. Dig4tal

    Items need nerfing

    So true
  7. Dig4tal

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    You can already use mouse and keyboard it's easy.. Lol on all games for that matter
  8. Dig4tal

    Season 2: Hunters

    It should only kill in a single shot in head or heart if you hit a fleshwound in torso it shouldent be 1 shot lol
  9. Dig4tal


    It's also fun when a wolve howls and your audio makes the wolve sound firm the right and there is only ocean at the right 😂 underwater wolves are a thing in vigor
  10. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Not be able to phrone is back And for God sakes remove the music from the brodalon bridges before the encounter start
  11. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    1 update crashes were gone. Now new update and out of video memory again..... O my god
  12. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Oh great error with cloud crash is back too when you craft and open crates.... They litterly canceled the entire last update that fixed all of this crap
  13. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Pointed my vss at someone's head pulled the trigger 3 second delay... Bullet missed... Developers what happened with this beautiful game? It's reverted all the way back to the stage were everything was broken..........
  14. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Gun not shooting issue is back..... Like what happened? New update canceled out that beautiful patch that fixed all the bugs......
  15. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Also buy crowns and waste money... Buy crowns 7 hours ago and they never arrrived.....
  16. Dig4tal

    Crashes are back

    Antibiotics not working sometimes same with dis infecrants. Push 3 or 4 times before heals work.. What is this patch... This update is shit last update everything worked fine no more crashes this update is terrible
  17. As the title says you pay and receive nothing
  18. Dig4tal

    New update hunters : first bug

    I can connect and go in shelter but matchmake is a no go...
  19. First solo game I start : 1.5 min search time. Than it was waiting for server for 5mins so i rebooted the game so this updates first new bug hehe
  20. Dig4tal

    New update hunters : first bug

    Update on this : it does it every time just waiting on server. I cannot play singles or duos. It will say waiting for server the entire time..
  21. Dig4tal

    Season 2: Hunters

    The game still crashes when crafting disinfectant... We still cannot craft disinfectants in stacks... It takes like 30 min to craft a 100 of them.... Game also still crashes but alot less than before luckily. God cheating spot in fiske fabrik still not fixed either..
  22. Dig4tal

    Radiation in vigor

    Radiation is invisible you can't see it smell it or taste it.. So why the hell does my screen get blurred up inside radiation. Please fix it
  23. Dig4tal

    M21 wildly innacurate since update

    Hbar is best sniper 🙂
  24. Dig4tal

    M21 broken

    Both in range as Ingame several headshots untill a target drops bullets seems to go trough and do nothing
  25. Crashed and tried for 30min to login 2x hard reset Xbox Rebooted game 7 times Cannot get to shelter no connection to cloud servers