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  1. Dig4tal

    No connection to cloud

    Still down for me....
  2. Dig4tal

    No connection to cloud

    It's been 2 or 3 hours and game is still down.... Wtf
  3. Dig4tal

    Exit and radiation

    To be fair when u in a exit with 3 or less seconds left you shouldent die off radiation. Since you made it to exit.
  4. Instead of deleting to loot more it give us option to swap from loot crates?
  5. A period of 8 seconds or so when I pressed RT in a fight and gun did not go off fixed itself after 8 second but almost costed me my life
  6. Negative feedback: Footsteps from teammate sound weird This update broke person spectate. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0nygtl577s5dbh/IMG_20200115_145147.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xloc17lcz04or7/IMG_20200115_150029.jpg?dl=0 That x can be seen because I was trying to loot someone when I died. Spectating is now like you can only see the insides of your buddy. This seem to happen directly after the teammate enters first person. If he goes back to third after a long time it seems to go back to normal. Challange craft 15 rifles for a green crate akm is a assault 'rifle' and do not count towards challange. Network connection is unstable still comes up during the start of a lobby when players load in or first 10 second of map. I understand why you put the flashes on sniper rifles but when you in third person it shouldn't flash especially adr... Also in foggy map it should not flash at all. Positive feedback: They fixed phroning I think 👍 no longer stand the teammate up by bumping into each other And alot of places that would auto stand you up seems fixed too. The plane of the airdrop is not so noisy so you can actually hear something. I haven't crashed yet so I keep my hopes up.
  7. Dig4tal

    Jan 15 vigor update 1.54gb

    12 matches done and crashed zero times ( Xbox one) crashes seem fixed. Great job devs! A great game just became my no1
  8. Dig4tal

    No crates with food donations

    Because you gotta wait it even has a timer of when the crates arrive lol!
  9. If you look at the donation screen you will get it in 4 days and 21 hours. I donated weeks ago when I donated I had to wait like 25 days lol
  10. Dig4tal

    Exit not working

    Wauw went into a fjelkanten with hbar and p90. Ran Into exit with 2 epic crates and exit wassent working.... So radiation killed me I'd like to receive 2 epic crates a hbar and adr kthxbye
  11. Sprinting with adr and 700 rounds and the sound comes rrrrrrrrrrr game crashed like how many more p90 am I gonna lose with no compensation at all? It should give the guns back if you crash
  12. Dig4tal

    I don't know what to say anymore

    Today I lost 9 adr and 11 hbar due to crashes where is the Compensation and why are devs not replying Where are my free 300 augs? Cuz that's what I lose so far due to crashes
  13. Dig4tal

    Phroning auto stand up everytime

    It keeps happening little rocks or parts of wood stand me up while I phrone how is one supposed to phrone? And stay hidden if every single object in the game forces you to auto stand up
  14. This is a game for campers I'm fine with that I even like it. But soooo many times a rock or a branch auto stands you up wich get you spotted and killed. Fix the core of phroning I reported this 6 months ago and still broken
  15. Dig4tal

    Radiation in vigor

    And yet radiation invisble so it's broken in this game
  16. Dig4tal

    I don't know what to say anymore

    I crash like 15 times a day and I only play Aug a1 hbar and adr. I lose so many everyday when will devs reply to these reports?
  17. Dig4tal

    Garbage spawn locations

    No was neir the church the entire map spawned there
  18. Me and my buddy both bring hbar to fjelkanten... Like the entire server spawned in a 200 meter radius and we get killed..... It makes zero sense
  19. Dig4tal

    Another bug

    Killed a guy took his Tommy gun and ammo so nobody else could pick it up since we had guys without guns in lobby Deconstructed both the gun and the ammo.... Stupid gun was stil on my back... Couldent get rid of it bug
  20. Alot of times me and my buddies play few match than 1 crash than we cannot invite each other anymore unless we both reboot game
  21. Dig4tal

    Places Discovered disappear every new game

    I have same issue I discovered everything 100% and since last update all unknown
  22. This is a good way to get you killed happens alot
  23. Dig4tal

    Technical feedback

    I did read the rules. I just diddent think the f word would be offensive to anyone since I use it everyday all day long and in 35 years nobody ever got offended. Your the first person. So I'm kinda shocked I apologize for the f word to you dedmen My sincerely apologies
  24. Dig4tal

    Technical feedback

    First of all 'dedman' alot of people losing alot of guns because of crashes and you delite my topic for profanity just because I used the f word.... Tell me 1 person who don't use the f word when they lose augs and adrs left and right due to crashes that don't get fixed by devs only seem to get worse each update. Warning me and deleting my topic for using the f word is not fair you could have warned me and cencor the f word if it offends you so much. But more than that is not necessary. The devs need to make game crashes and losing guns the main priority.