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  1. Hello folks. Before asking my question there is a need for a short explanation. I've played countless hours of Arma2 and DayZ mode, then moved on to Standalone. Played legitimately with no bad behaviour up until the beta seemed to become abandoned (6 months or so with absolutely no info from devs). And then yes, I cheated. And then got banned. And before some of you call me the devil or the cancer of community - I know that. The banwave was actually a huge relief as that was the moment I knew DayZ wasn't abandoned yet. I embraced my personal lifetime ban and while I am still not proud of it, I absolutely do not want to explain or excuse myself - this is entirely not the case here, so chill - please. As time flies I could start a new Steam account, buy the games (even easier to do with all these sales lately) and ignore my ban on a new PC, leaving absolutely no trace of my old activities. Thing is, I still believe the ban was deserved. Doing this would be another spit to the devs and the community. What I want to know is if I could somehow re-buy myself on my old Steam account. I believe my post here kind of prooves that I've grown up much since the said ban. I know I have absolutely no temptation to ruin other players experience anymore. So here's the question: With a global ban on DayZ:Standalone and Arma 2, will I be able to play Arma 3 after buying it? Or am I really forced to create another Steam account?