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    Changelog 1.2.48851

    There are so many things wrong that I do not know where to start, so I will just start and see where it goes. 1. The map thing. I do not feel like I need much explanation here. when crouching it obstructs your view, often. It flys and hovers 3 meters above your head when crossing water, and other players look like they are just walking around reading maps the whole game. I mean really folks...... 2. Hit registration. Landed shots do not show up in scope. Landed shots often do not show up outside of scopes. A shotgun can land a head shot at 50 meters while an HBAR splashes onto the ground while lying prone with good crosshairs visible. I mean the HBAR has a bipod folks.... it should be near impossible to shoot the ground 5 inches in front of a bipoded gun unless you are standing up behind it or your barrel is bent. 3. Speaking of shotguns: Shotguns should straight up cut you in half at 10 feet away... for sure, one hit, even in the leg... no questions from me here... but from a signals rooftop in the warehouse to the middle of road bridge on grontheim valley.... no freaking way outside of the lucky pellet to dome (1 out of 100 shots.... maybe). 4. Little bugs. I can jump off a 3 story roof, fully loaded onto a tractor and take 10% damage, but jump off of a 1 foot rock onto a 5 degree slope and take 25%... all while getting stuck on a 6 inch rock, yet hurdling soft bush fences.... come on guys. Fix these little things and the big hard to fix issues wont seem so daunting. 5. Mouse and keyboard players. I get it, Xbox allows for mouse and keyboard inputs. The problem is that these inputs allow for pinpoint accuracy with guns that should not have pinpoint accuracy (see shotguns (# 2 and 3)). My crew and I have tested this theory. We are all skilled, some more than others. We took the weakest among us, he used mouse and keyboard from a fixed point (just east of the red, blue, yellow houses in grontheim) and managed to drop 3/5 of us with a thompson, medium range while we had ADR and RPK loadouts. What was the difference? Mouse and Keyboard vs. controller. You see the reports of people aimbotting and running mods right? I doubt that much of this is actually going on, and I believe that the mouse is at the center of this perceived "cheat". Take the functionality out, other shooters have done so and you can too. You will see a marked reduction in the cheating/botting reports you get. 6. Crates. Gold crates dropping shotgun shells and 45 ammo? Purple with 3 stacks of the same gun or silly hats and such. It is called a military crate... Outside of Siberia do we soldiers need 4 different knit hat skins in a military crate? I want some implements of death dealing in my crate o' war. 7. Santa is too loud.... for the love of all things holy and magical.... please lower that volume and the bridges music.... it hurts my ear holes. 8. Good work on the Christmas thing overall... I like it, it looked good... i just wish I could have smelled the fresh pines. 9. The daily missions. So I think they may be a little better than pre preppers..... maybe. Most of us do not see a significant change in our building abilities by giving us 3 fuel 10 chemicals and 15 nails. Want me to spend time in the shooting range? Give me something I want to work for there. Want me to use crown boosters? Do what you did.... make it a profitable venture. You did good on those ones. I spend 150 crowns to boost 5 lobbies, you give me 165 for doing it... that is fair, reasonable and I will complete that mission every time. I hope you gather data on mission abandonment and completions. Look at it. I can almost guarantee you will see a high completion rate on missions that have decent crates or crowns associated with their completion (outside of the bugged ones.... carry out an airdrop with noone dying or the ones that are near impossible... 10 meter kills or 100 meter kills) look at that data and use it to make stuff better. 10. What is up with the white guns? I do appreciate the killing power of a 7.62 round regardless of what put it downrange. Since the last patch, I am seeing an alarming number of "sniperish" kills with the white vz ak variant, ZZ shotguns, and other white guns (don't worry the m-16 vaient is still garbage if that is what you were aiming for). I do not think all of this can be attributed to the use of mouse (mice?... grammer.. eh I don't know how to use the word in this example) so what did you do to them? Why is it than I can get 6 solid body splashes with an ADR from (guessing 3 - 8 meters) and get killed from the same guy in a single volley of vz fire. Something isn't right with that scenario. There are more, but I am tired of typing now.... look you have a great game here (or it could and should be). You have the best elements of fortnite without the crappy parts of it, you have the best elements of any good fps, without all of the leveling and gun mod BS that bogs the games down. You need to focus on the core mechanics and get that stuff on lockdown before you get all fancy with the pretty stuff and short term draws. The game is less pleasurable with all of the bugs, crashes, glitches, foot grabbing rocks, deadly fall damage when it shouldn't be there, crazy sniping antics with non precision weapons, etc. Take a minute, please and make the guns fire when they are supposed to, how they are supposed to. Disable or damage mouse functionality, ask your players what makes the game playable and unplayable... get the basics right and your loyal followers will stay loyal, support you with their money, and keep fighting. Turn into fortnite with the antics and the pay to win like world of tanks, etc.... you will still make money, and still have players, but you wont love yourself and what you have created as much and those of us that care enough to write a multi-paragraph expression of our love of what you have tried to create here won't be around to tell you where you could be better.