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  1. Ducky01

    First person?

    Think fps in this game would set it further away from any other fps game i would pay fifty dollars for it I been buying cod games for 10yrs so this wouldn't be problem for me. And I know alot of us would
  2. Ducky01

    Hardcore Mode

    That's it hardcore in vigor I love the way it sounds hardcore .pay alil more crowns for more rare items on the map I'm game who needs all that extra garbage on the screen .no mini map or signals and no known area were the crates will drop maybe Evan just first person view would be ok.
  3. Ducky01

    Food chalenge really ?

    Yeah maybe they are just try to hit that right number this is all high but it's going to be a good challenge for me .could see it around 50k but then there's no challenge then there there no fun leave it at 75 for awhile.maybe it won't be such a deathmatch.
  4. Ducky01

    First Battlepass

    Well I can't honestly say I'm fool but this game is addicting .and if it was in any other game company I would say this would be one of the top games to play .world gaming is a good example the make mistakes and they correct it on the players behalf .but Bohemia is lost in this part of gameing free or not they need to admit that there wrong and make it right to the players .but like others I once again paid for the B's .let's see if the can keep me interested this time cause this will be there last chance with me.
  5. Ducky01

    First Battlepass

    I would like to point out a small theory to the ones who don't agree with some sorta of refound or something like give the one who paid for the first pass the second for free .we have a right to be mad and not trusting the those who has been unfair to us .we play to have fun and we play to win we went out of are pockets to help ourselfs to enjoy the game but how can we enjoy being cheated while others got what we payed for for free.30.00 for every player who buys the battle pass adds up 100 players is only 3000.00. now that's $3000.00 a week let's say 10000players is $300,000.00 that's a good chunk of change.now minus the the ones who don't pay this time r the next because we feel cheated from the first. I personally won't pay anything anymore to play this game untill Bohemia has corrected this problem no bp and no more crowns there goes $50 to 100.00 month from me I'm in game 1 to 3hrs a night if not more I do think this is a great game and a challenging one and it's getting better.but it seems to be lacking something from the devs side of the game.cant really put my finger on it.but I bet Bohemia can GT is daddycope