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  1. Im following the progress of your map for quit some time now and you dedication is remarkable and i hope to see your stuff ingame with my own eyes in the future. After seeing waht you achieved with your wristwatch adaptation im quite intrigued what your plans are and do have some questions. Are you going to release a standalone version? Reason for this is if im looking at the stuff you already showd i would think that the Map is gonne be at least 2 GB big. If im honest im more thinking of 4 GB or more because of all the props an stuff and it would be really frustrating if you want to use the Watch on a different Map. My second question is for the looks of it you are displaying blood, pulse, hunger and thirst status like in DayZ even with the old 12000 Blood counter. Are you planing or considering to make it work with the ACE system as well. That would push the realism to a new level and would be able to push us away from simple Icons in the corner of the screen that change color from green to red. And for my last question, im seeing some kind of radiation indicators in one of the screenshots wahts up with that are you going to throw even more awesome stuff at us or is that just concept for testing? Would be awesome if you had the time to answer my questions. Keep up tge great work and happy Christmas time to everyone.