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  1. Miss XBL Panda


    Can you fix the xp bc i get 5 kills safe and w air drops for only 2100xp which i say is not enought xp for that could you increase the xp values please and thanks.
  2. Miss XBL Panda

    Crowns too expensive

    Its only cost $100 for about 7000 crown which is not to bad bc i buy tht alot of time
  3. Miss XBL Panda

    Bug map

    On the map grontheim valley the map block ur sites when ur aim down sit on a sks bc the map glitches out every time when i play tht map
  4. Miss XBL Panda

    Looby boosters

    I hate how you can only boost 3 time for each thing i spend my money on the game to boost max but cant even do tht since u put in place the only 3 boostes per game can you remove tht plz
  5. Miss XBL Panda


    Jump on the box in the bush than lay on it than turn till you can see a x tht how you loot the glitched bushes
  6. Miss XBL Panda

    Vigor guns

    It wpuld be really awesome if you guys could add more weapons to the game like more shootguns rpg grandelunchers more rifles of all types heavy meachine guns more hamdguns
  7. Miss XBL Panda

    Gun attachment

    It would be cool if you could add weapon attachment s for every gun and make it where the player could customize the guns and knifes and the color of our outfits
  8. Miss XBL Panda

    Ammo Stacks

    Like the need to make it where like diferent guns have the ammo tht is best for them in ammo stacks
  9. Miss XBL Panda

    Ammo Stacks

    I only use the p90 and tht wht the ammo stacks where but they lowered it to 50 so know it takes up tons of space just to carry 500 round like i always do
  10. Miss XBL Panda

    Auto reload

    It would be great to bring back the auto reload.
  11. Miss XBL Panda

    Akm bug

    Yea i had to stop using tht gun for tht reason
  12. Miss XBL Panda

    Make a clan or group

    For when u get on the game you can like be able to join clans so when you team up you have a options to play with clan members that you join up with might be something to add.
  13. Miss XBL Panda

    Maps and game modes

    Can you make more maps for the game like and different german etc different place new stuff on maps maybe cars and helicopters as well different game modes tht use cars and stuff?
  14. Miss XBL Panda


    Samething happens to me as well
  15. Miss XBL Panda

    Ammo Stacks

    Could you increadse the ammo stack size back up to 150 per ammo stacks please and thank you.