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  1. @madrussian Please do! Some things are executed perfectly, support system is so satisfying, although I cannot really find out how to consistently target armored vehicles with the supports. Although I love watching plane bombardments, sometimes I wish i had like 10 to spend on a mission just to look at it 🙂
  2. After playing some more times on different maps I concluded that fast-paced scenario like yours and ACE don't really click. It's much better on some long-term persistent scenarios or some hand-crafted zeus missions. If you would to do another scenario someday maybe you should consider doing something about defending your base and holding the line with similar supply system like you have here I think you would execute something like this masterfully 🙂 As of C2 it seemingly plays along fine, it kinda messes up your HC map controlls and you can only throw orders to blue squares HC squads via the C2 menu. I hope you give this mod a chance and tell how you see this playing along as you are the expert on this mission after all 🙂 Cheers and blesses
  3. Well done mr. MadRussian this scenario is splendid! Does AI squad-enchancing mod C2 breaks your scenarios AI by any chance? And does ACE screws the mission up too bad? Otherwise it is great, really hard but great. Nice for a quick session
  4. Mackov


    @Gemini can't wait for an update! I was thinking about a new feature, perhaps an scenario setup option menu choice. Could it be possible for tasks to be placed less randomly? Like in X km peremiter? I kinda grew tired of driving/flying the whole map to just deal with let's say an IED. Or perhaps maybe some incentive some further missions get extra credit and those near base have a little bit less.
  5. Mackov


    Great mission kind sir! I have two questions: 1) When you have ACE medical enabled it seems like medical center does nothing. I think that's because ACE damage system not being included in script. Is this done on purpose? 2) Could we expect this mod ported on Livonia someday? Thanks
  6. Mackov

    Kujari: PMC ops

    @accuracythruvolume Brother I'm so hyped I just made an account to say that I'll bee looking forward to playing this one. Cannot wait hope you will surprise us for Christmas 🙂