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  1. Hello, I am an ArmA veteran who is just getting into scripting, mostly out of necessity, as in a new setting I have a pilot who is currently flying the Gryphon from the AAF Faction, however this is an issue as the Gryphon is very lightly armed and we are having to frequently re-arm to remain combat effective. As such I want to arm Gryphons with heavier armaments and while I am having limited success I seem to have come up against a wall as far as progress is concerned. I have already worked out some basic script to give a Gryphon Two pods of DAGR 70mm Rockets;

    this setPylonLoadOut [4, "PylonRack_12Rnd_PG_missiles", true];
    this setPylonLoadOut [3, "PylonRack_12Rnd_PG_missiles", true];

    However, I now would like to see how I could add a Triple 'PylonPod' of Maverick's ATGM's to Pylon 5, and (if possible) a Dual Pylon of CBU-85 Cluster Bombs to Pylon 6.
    There is definitely enough physical space on the aircraft to accompany such weapons, but I just cant seem to find any way to arm them this way.


    Any help is much appreciated, especially anything that can set me up to do this sort of thing on my own in the future.

    Thanks, Dan.