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  1. LionheartSr

    Servers and Crafting

    My servers are still crashing, and I am still losing my ADR-97 and materials whenever I start crating this weapon and any other weapon that takes longer then 1hour to finish. The weapon along with the materials are lost whenever I turn the console back on. Where is the fix?
  2. LionheartSr


    There has been a problem with crafting guns that take more than 20 minutes to complete on my account. One gun in specific is the ADR-97. Whenever I craft this gun and this has been a problem since I reached level 13, the weapon starts to craft, but then when I close the Vigor game app for more than ten minutes the weapon disappears as if I haven't done anything and all the materials used in the crafting process leave also. This is a fundamental but very serious bug or glich that needs urgent attention.