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  1. cry me a river kids

    ORBAT Textures

    I can't see your picture so I have no way to tell, but I'm guessing you pulled it off google images and it already has a white background. Simply remove this background in an editor like paint or gimp. There are tutorials on youtube that show you how. This will create a transparent background for your texture.
  2. cry me a river kids

    Active Protection System Script

    That's strange. Does it work in singleplayer? I've never scripted for multiplayer before but if it works in singleplayer then there should be a way to port this to multiplayer. It probably has to do with the isServer thing.
  3. cry me a river kids

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    post your script. I copied the example and edited the path and that's it. I put it into my init.sqf file in the mission folder and saved it. Works like a charm. Here is my script: [missionConfigFile >> "CfgORBAT" >> "TFE" >> "AA" ,"mil_destroy", [1,0,0,1], 1.2,1.2,45] call BIS_fnc_ORBATAddGroupOverlay; Do you know how to create the init.sqf file? Just create a text file and type out your script. Save it. When file extensions are turned on, you can edit the file type simply by changed .txt to .sqf and that's it.
  4. cry me a river kids

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    I put it into an init.sqf file in my mission folder and it works just fine. You can just create a text file with that script and save it. WIth file extensions turned on, turn the .txt file into a .sqf file and you're done.
  5. cry me a river kids

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    Look up ORBAT tutorials on youtube. You need to define class names for a unit in a description.ext file in your mission folder. Then, you use the ORBAT module in the editor to actually show this unit. Where ever you place the module will be where that unit is displayed, and the ORBAT path determines what unit is displayed.
  6. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The T14 Armata currently has an active protection system (APS), but the other vehicles don't. For the sake of balance, until the dev team decides to give the M1A2 a representation of the Trophy system, feel free to use my script for an APS:
  7. Hello all! I've taken the script shared by DayZ Medic in his CIWS video and heavily modified it to create a script that acts as an active protection system (APS). It can intercept rockets, missiles, and large calibre shells. The script file and the commentated code (separate file) are included in a dropbox folder. In order to use the script, copy the Trophy.sqf file into your mission folder. Then, after finding the class names of the vehicles you want to have the APS, copy and paste the following into an init.sqf file: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Trophy.sqf"; if(isServer)then{ { if (_x isKindOf "classname") then{ [_x,15]call addToTrophy; }; } forEach vehicles; }; Note that this applies to every vehicle of that type, and doesn't differentiate between which faction controls it or even if it is manned. I have not tested it in a very large, complicated scenario, but do expect performance drops if you have a lot of the vehicle type you intend on giving it the APS. Additionally, it spawns an explosion when it destroys an incoming projectile, so it is a hazard to nearby infantry (true to real life), although the infantry was probably at risk anyway if they're standing next to a vehicle about to be hit by an RPG. As noted in the commentated code (readme_2.txt), the performance of the APS is dependent upon the range declared in the init.sqf (I have it as 15 meters by default), and the interval time between checks. The greater the distance and the shorter the interval time, the fewer projectiles will get through, and the faster the projectile can be and still get intercepted. With the default settings, it will reliably stop most missiles and rockets, and a projectile from a recoilless rifle (SPG-9 from the RHS mod). You can adjust these parameters to be able to stop tank rounds, but this will increase the CPU usage to run this script. Also, there is a delay between intercepting a projectile if a salvo is engaged at the same time. Thus, the best way to defeat a vehicle with the APS is to coordinate multiple launchers to shoot simultaneously, and to use the fastest projectiles available.
  8. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yup, and they've posted a patch that fixes it. If anyone else has the same issue and doesn't know how to install the patch, I can help
  9. cry me a river kids

    Working Explosion Effects

    Beautiful! This works perfectly! Thank you.
  10. I'm creating a script that takes the position of an airborne rocket and spawns an explosion on the rocket's position before deleting it. So far, the only script I've gotten to work for spawning the explosion is the following: "HelicopterExpoBig" createVehicle (getPos _target); This spawns an explosion every time, but one that is too big for my purposes. I've tried the various string names listed in "explosionEffect" in the config viewer for CfgAmmo but substituting those in results in no explosion at all being generated. In fact, I don't even know where HelicopterExpoBig came from, as I saw it in DayzMedic's video on how to script a CIWS. If anyone could provide pointers such as the location of HelicopterExpoBig so I can try some other explosion effects, that would be lovely. Ideally, this would be done without using any complicated scripts for particles and I can just find a working string name for an explosion effect that I would substitute into my script. Additionally, the usual trick below doesn't work because it requires that the ordinance spawn on the ground. If spawned in the air, the resulting projectile such as a rocket would simply spawn with its rocket motor ignited and fly off. bomb = "M_Zephir" createVehicle (getPos _target); I know Tankbuster already made a thread on a similar subject, but that was resolved using files that are no longer obtainable and he never shared his final code, so it was a dead end. Hopefully, this approach of finding existing names for explosion effects will bear fruit. Thanks in advance.
  11. Disregard this. I'm not used to the BI forum and thought this was a DM.


  12. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sorry lads but life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to conduct any tests today. I'll aim to have them done as soon as possible as student life is taking over once again.
  13. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have decided not to do this. The reason is that vanilla ARMA 3 is set 20 years in the future, so it only makes sense that its ammunition performs better than mods for present-day weapons. I've already tested the RHS rifles against vanilla analogs and the vanilla rifles performed better every time, barring the use of AP ammunition. I'll only post comparisons of RHS guns in this thread because other mods are outside the realm of relevance for the RHS mod thread.
  14. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll send the guy a DM asking if he has a mirror somewhere. I do these tests more for the benefit of us plebs who merely use the mod so people have a better idea of the ammunition they are using. Would love to see the M995 AP ammo be made available for the M16A4 and M4A1, as I did not find any compatible magazines for them.
  15. cry me a river kids

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've done a penetration test for the 5.56x45mm and 5.45x39mm ammunition types. Using shoothouse panels spaced one meter apart, I shot multiple rounds of various ammo types from 5 meters away from the first panel. In order from left to right, the M249 was tested with M855A1, M855, and M995 cartridges. The M855A1 penetrated seven panels. The M855 only penetrated four. The M995 penetrated ten. Up next was the M4A1. In the same order as before, the M855A1, M855, Mk318, Mk262, and M193 cartridges were used. This time around, the M855A1 only penetrated six panels. The M855 again only penetrated four panels. The Mk318 and Mk262 also penetrated six panels; the M855A1 had the most energy after penetrating the sixth panel, followed by the Mk318, and then the Mk262. The M193 penetrated five panels. I'm wondering if the discrepancy in M855A1 performance between the M4A1 and the M249 is related to muzzle velocity. So I tested the M855A1 with the M16A4. Theory confirmed. The M16A4 offers slightly better performance, and this gives the M855A4 enough energy to defeat the seventh panel. In the same order, we have the 7N22 armour piercing round, the 7N6, 7N6M, 7N10, and the 7U1 subsonic round. The 7N22 penetrated nine panels. The 7N6 and 7N6M both penetrated two panels, but interestingly enough, the 7N6 carries a bit more kinetic energy after exiting the second panel than the 7N6M (note how the red lines cut off earlier for the third column); the 7N6M should have better penetration, so perhaps a slight tweak is in store. The 7N10 penetrated six panels. The 7U1 penetrated none. Plans for tomorrow include testing 7.62 rounds and the newest APFSDS rounds for tanks using a similar setup but with concrete walls sitting in for the shoothouse panels.