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  1. How can I turn off the operation and change the appearance of the vehicle in the ARMA3 editor. Let's say I have an F18 carrier in the editor, and I fold the wings, and I open the simple thing, and then I go into the game and the wings unfold. And when multiple f18s are put together (at a small distance), they bounce (or collide) when the computing function is turned on. As long as I change the look of the vehicle, I can't turn it off. Is there a way to fold the wing and ignore the impact volume?
  2. Hi! I want to make 2 west respawn modules with one infantry group to respawn at each location. How do I tie 1 group to 1 respawn marker so that group will always respawn at that marker? Like module/marker: "respawn_west", "respawn_west_1" and group: "aiGroup", "aiGroup_1" Thanks!
  3. Well,ti's so cool ,but i need time to learn these think you verey much. In addition,i am learning C language and C++ us the VC++,it's so difficult you know , I hope I can learn it. Thank you again !!!
  4. Thank you for your reply, but I have read the link you sent before, but some of it is not clear。
  5. Hello, I am an ARMA3 player from China. And I'm loyal. Maybe it's because I'm a Chinese player. It wasn't until one day that I found this site in Bohemia really useful. I have always believed in this company. So much so that I paid attention to it for a long time. Just the other day I discovered something important about the game (script editing, at least in my opinion). Then I began to study it seriously. There are so many things that I can't understand. Because my foreign language level is limited. I can only rely on the translation function of Google to try to understand what the foreign friends said (in fact, I can only understand 30 percent. Because there are some technical problems, I cannot understand). I still don't understand the difference between the SQF script and the Eden editor script (what I'm saying is that if you don't understand what I'm saying by translation, it's ok, you can talk about me privately, I'm always online). So much so that I can't even edit a simple sequence. But I think as long as I'm in the garden of Eden I'm going to edit a sequence of scripted actions or actions. I will have a general understanding and can find out the rules by myself. I had an idea before. I want to edit a series of actions, such as: On the original carrier there was a trigger near the ejection take-off device. There are a few naval ground crew members around schmoozing (outside the trigger area). When a player pilot touches that trigger. The mouse wheel selects an option. Then a distant ground crew approached the plane. It goes through a series of motions until the last take-off gesture is completed. The plane catapulted off and left the carrier. After all this. The ground crew goes back to their original position and continues chatting (without having to go back exactly to their previous position, or do something else). The above is just my personal opinion. I know this requires a trigger. But exactly how to use it is not yet known. I hope a friend can help me. I'm not the type of player who doesn't solve and research on his own. All this was based on my desperation. I hope someone understands what I'm saying. To be honest, I find that Chinese players and foreign players play two kinds of games (in some ways). I hope someone can help me :) Thanks again to my friends who are going to help me!! And thanks to Bohemia!! Have a nice day!!