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  1. Yup, happens to me as well. I haven’t bothered to post it in the technical issues section, why bother when Devs don’t read the posts?
  2. Dustin Paul

    Disappearing crates

    News Flash!!! BI does not give a f*ck about you or me or about our problems. No acknowledgement of any presented issues with proof or not. The only thing that matters to them is making $$$. This game has great potential, or should I say had great potential. I’ve never played a game with so many bugs and glitches in my entire life, well maybe except for Roblox. 🤣 BI should be ashamed and embarrassed to be mentioned in the sentence as Roblox. The sad part is that many of the issues should be simple fixes for anyone with any programming skills. So either they have no idea what the hell they are doing or they just don’t give a sh*t. I’m thinking they just don’t care. Period.
  3. Dustin Paul

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    I am paying attention! I think maybe you aren’t!! I’ve been playing this game since August, pretty much every single day, sometimes(most of the time) for hours a day. I do my challenges too. It is pretty much impossible to level to 50 without the need to purchase crowns in the store. Time will tell and maybe I’m wrong, but I highly doubt that. As I stated earlier the Devs should pay attention or this game is going down in flames!! Currently all they care about is $$$. FTR-Dragon, let me know when you reach level 50. Oh and exactly how many of those challenges come up? Right.... that’s what I thought. Keep saving, if the game is still relevant next December you may have enough of in game currency to get a battlepass! FWIW, I’m off work due to a medical condition hence the ability to play for hours a day. I thought I’d put that here before the trolls come out to play.
  4. Dustin Paul

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    The problem is the Devs don’t give a sh*t. They don’t care about our problems with this broke a** game. Has one Dev ever came on here to try and resolve an issue or to offer an apology? NO.... They don’t care all they want is our money. I think that’s quite evident with the introduction of the so called battle pass. The only entities who have come on to address “us” are so called monitors, and only to ensure that we follow the forum guidelines. “They don’t work for or receive any perks from BI”, but they sure like to make sure that “we” stay in line though and don’t sh*t on the Devs. I stupidly bought this battle pass, I can assure BI that I will not be buying another one! Unless the Devs start to show that they are listening to the Vigor community. This could be such a great game if somebody cared. But Alas no one is listening.... 😭
  5. Dustin Paul

    Crown refund please.

    Come on Devs get this sorted.... I just got kicked from a loading screen on Grontheim Valley. I purchased a crate for 30 crowns, had an ADR with 200 bullets, a disinfectant, a bandage, an antibiotic, and an alarm trap. ALL of it gone. I would like to have it ALL returned, thanks in advance! By the way it was a duo match with a friend he did not get kicked, this happened at 11:45 ish Atlantic Time.
  6. Dustin Paul

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    I agree that most of the changes are great, however the radiation is way too fast! I still don’t know why it needed to be changed? Put the radiation back to normal, then there will just be the little bugs to iron out. I feel and have witnessed, that there are more people camping exits near the air drop now, there’s less time to work out a plan of escape so they just sit and wait at the nearest exit because they know there’s no time.
  7. Dustin Paul

    Season Pass Issues

    Definitely hold off on buying the season pass! I bought it and now wish I would have waited to see if the Devs will fix these issues. Another problem is the experience needed to level up through the pass. Good luck getting to 50!!! I’m at level 5 currently, and to get to level 6 I need 8700xp or there abouts( I’m not looking at the pass right now). It’s insane! I’ll be lucky to get halfway through, especially since you get nothing if you die except for kills, which aren’t worth much. 100xp for a kill, if you are lucky enough to get a headshot you’ll get an extra 300xp. So basically if you are not a killer and you only loot and someone kills you.... well you get the idea, that season pass is useless.
  8. Dustin Paul

    Reduce Radiation wave...

    As an added note, this morning I was playing on Dverg. I was looting at the yellow farmhouse on the bottom right of the map, the radiation clicker started and the radiation was coming from the top right of the map. I was about three quarters full of loot, so I started for the exit directly at the bottom. Just as I arrived at the exit and the 10 second countdown started my screen went fuzzy and I started receiving radiation damage. I made no stops in between, I ran directly to the exit. The wave is wayyyy too fast!!! If this is not fixed it will ruin the game. Devs please take note and fix ASAP!!
  9. Dustin Paul

    SUGG more XP

    Good points above, not enough experience gained, and requires way too much to level up. I bought the Pass but now worry that I won’t even get halfway through it within the time frame, and I play a lot!! Too much!!! Lol.
  10. Dustin Paul

    Reduce Radiation wave...

    By my timing, depending on the map, once the radiation starts to encroach on the map you have between 1 and 1 1/2 minutes before complete saturation! I’ve died three times today with the crate. The radiation definitely needs to be scaled back!! I don’t understand what was wrong with the way it was before? Now people are camping exits even more than before. I like everything else they have done with this update ( there’s still annoying bugs though), but they need to adjust the radiation. Period.
  11. Dustin Paul

    See through walls

    I’m not sure if it is players using hacks or not, but I was just shot through a wall a while ago. The person who shot me was in the next room, and must have seen me through the wall somehow!? I was dead silent and he did not see me enter the room, I heard him approaching a ways off from the outside. It would be much appreciated if this bug was fixed!
  12. Dustin Paul

    Reporting cheating duos and trios

    Oldninja, yes my gamertag is different. 😉
  13. Dustin Paul

    Player number?

    I personally think that would make the game too easy. Not knowing how many Outlanders are left adds to the realism of the game, and makes you think twice before picking up the crate or looting the Barred House!!
  14. Dustin Paul

    Reporting cheating duos and trios

    Thanks to the Admin for giving an explanation for this! As for solos who team up to get the win, I don’t like it but I’m not gonna complain either. I have my own way to deal with them. Try and befriend them, not always successful but when it is I wait for an opportune time to strike, then kill both. 😁
  15. Dustin Paul


    Happens to me quite often, usually in a duos match. Not to the extent it happens to you though.
  16. Dustin Paul

    Brag it up... what’s your leaderboard stat?

    Last I checked was I around 960. I second the killing and grabbing the loot, works for me as I don’t always know the location of the cache in the pics.
  17. Dustin Paul

    Stamina & movement speed - your opinion

    I agree, I think it’s fine as it is. Think before you loot.
  18. Dustin Paul

    Disconnects cause item loss

    This is and has been an ongoing issue since I started playing about a month ago. I couldn’t tell you how much I have lost du to disconnects, let’s just say it’s a lot! Happens to me and my brother.
  19. How about making the crates contain level appropriate rewards? Like a Common crate with maybe common rewards and a Yellow/Legendary crate with legendary rewards? Seems like a logical idea... Currently I have a common rain jacket as a reward in my Legendary crate, just doesn’t make sense. Also, some of the challenges and rewards are just puzzling... For instance getting 10 pistol kills and getting rewarded with crappy mats, while doing a shelter upgrade and being rewarded with a Legendary crate?! It seems that the system of generating the rewards is operating backwards, or whoever is coming up with these challenges/rewards should be reassigned! This is a great game concept and it is really fun but it’s little things like these that really take away from the enjoyment of the game. Yes I know it’s a free game, I have like others actually invested cash in this game in the form of the starter pack and will continue to do so as long as certain issues/bugs get fixed. The emptying of magazines on automatics almost had me deleting this game, thankfully that has been fixed!!! Looking forward to an Admins response on this.
  20. Dustin Paul

    Weapon switch issue!

    I’ve had this issue a few times and it is becoming very frustrating and causing me to lose matches. I get into a gun fight and get wounded, I find cover to heal, get back into the fight only to find that the weapon I had been previously fighting with has been switched to my sniper rifle?! Obviously not ideal for a close quarters battle, considering I had a sub machine gun equipped before healing!! 😡😡😡 I’ve been gunned down three times so far due to this issue, both in solo and duos. Also on different maps.