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  1. Royal Perona

    Player number?

    I get how the game is and love it sooo much. But I would like maybe an icon on the screen with how many players are in the encounter. Insight anyone?
  2. Royal Perona

    Quick finish

    I will completely disagree with this. I work almost 14+ days and still have alot to do when I get home some days I dont even get the chance to get on. Guess what? I missed out. This shouldn't be a pay to win kinda game, it's a game that currently, you have to get on a lot to play. If you want pay yo win, to to the store and find other game to waste your few moment of game time. I get your point man but still. Find another game, or like your tag go cry to your mom.
  3. Royal Perona

    Team killing? Quad team?

    So while I get its jill or be killed this is a huge issue for me. I'll grind my ass off to get some good weapons and ammo just to get into a match and have my team member shoot me as soon as he/she can. While I think it's a good thing that just makes the game harder I feel like it cuts people down as soon as they get ahead. Also new idea quad teams?