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  1. wanatkinson1

    Apex Bundle

    In Campaigns there is an entry for Apex Protocol. I thought that was part of the main campaign, I didn't realise these were individual campaigns. The Apex bit sits in the middle of the others which seems odd from a timeline point of view. In that view it looks like a single mission rather than a campaign in itself. If I select that option it actually opens out into about 7 different sections so I guess that's it. The others open out from the main Campaign menu rather than clicking into them. Think I've got it now. Thanks for the replies!
  2. wanatkinson1

    Apex Bundle

    The option for Apex I was referring to is the one in the 2nd screenshot that you mention too (guess I put the screenshots in the wrong order). I click on that icon and it takes me to the 1st screenshot (Premium Content). I've also noticed I have the DLCs listed as owned in the Arma Launcher. And I see them again from within Arma from Options -> Expansions. To be clear I have the Tanoa map available in the Editor, but the single player side of it is missing. I was under the impression I was buying the game, not just the map. Steam says I own the game.
  3. wanatkinson1

    Apex Bundle

    Hi, I recently bought the Arma 3 Apex Bundle on Steam (back to Arma after a 15 year break...). I have all the extra content in my Steam library, installed on Steam and licenses activated. When I am in the game, I see an option to go into Apex, click on Apex and it tells me Apex (and End Game) are "Premium Content" and all there is is a link back to the website, where it tells me I already have it. I've had a good rummage about the game and forums but I can't see any having or solving this issue. Any advice before I ask support? I''ve attached a few supporting screenshots. Apologies if I'm being dense. Haven't played a computer game in time.... Thanks in advance.