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  1. Janne Narkilahti

    Teaming in solo encounters - Yet again.

    First I liked to play this game and enjoy it much now its just waste of my time. Last thing was "seasonpass". I bought it earlier and surprise surprise what (joke) its free now for these who didnt bought it earlier. When someones use real money and most of get it free its bad think. Zero compensation for buyer is something what makes players unequal. This Teaming reason is last thing I Have played Wot much much earlier and sure its definitely better game without crappy unfair updates. So keep up pissing players..
  2. Janne Narkilahti

    Too many problems.

    Just fix problems before launch new updates. Its not fun anymore when game crashed and you lose all what you have. Again again and next battle you cannot crouch next videomemory error next connection lost. Best part is 2 + more X weapons construction costs.. Have send many messages and zero real answers so just saying..
  3. Have to say that I love this game but there's too much about this kind of problems. This is third time when it happened to me. Stuck and lose all your resources https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/a07debdb-bde9-42dd-bf98-e8ced91ae79c and another stuck https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/4fda9573-f235-4ee9-a00e-26e6379f6c4b and team mates who freeze https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/f36c846b-9ad0-4a01-817a-e3ab17d22862 and sniper weapons disappear in battle https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/91e2d57e-122e-4c75-bf32-c0cda36434be These are just few examples of what I have seen but I hope these all can fix sooner or later.
  4. Janne Narkilahti

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    Sorry about it I didnt not mean to insult anyone. English isnt my native language and we all knows that when someones are pissed and we wrote messages and read these, theres more emotion than brains in the moment. Thanks to all new information what you both are wrinting to me. I am not kid any more so my gaming experience was started time where we played Commodore Vic 20 and awesome C64. So I have seen much on this industry and still love to play these games. Best thanks to both of you and maybe well see in the fields. Sometimes I need buddy to play this game but dont like to idea play with randoms so if someone are interested..
  5. Janne Narkilahti

    Some funny story time

    Lol I never play with (morons) random duo. However random duo missions are just for lost souls. Sorry about your death.
  6. Janne Narkilahti

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    The video does not show a situation where one of them became a threat. We went hunting for the threat. How one became a threat is absolutely clear and we went into the same trap. The threat was the bait and just that, assuming there are 2 different teams in the fight and not 4 players against you, there is a really big difference. I think it is the purpose of these discussions to improve the gaming experience for all of us, and the intelligent game developers will listen to the players. But not if we don't discuss these gameplay issues. Everyone sees the situation differently and therefore it is good to discuss things. We always take videos of different situations with my friend because it helps us to understand the situations. I often get locked in a "character" situation where the character stays in aim position and can't do anything unless he uses the gun or turns on the Healing stuff. Similarly, this problem recurs quite often too -> https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/1d6fc12c-946a-42a7-9159-a10928232704
  7. Janne Narkilahti

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    Are you blind? My friend shoots one player from another team and the other 3 collect our stuff. Some send a party request ahead of the game and this is just another part of the problem. You don't have to be very smart to see how that situation is handled in the clip. I never play random games and everyone knows why. The question is, will Bohemia allow this to continue? It is a question of equality of each player among others. Games, like life, must be fair and the rules must be respected. In the long run, this is in the interests of all of us, especially the game developers.
  8. Janne Narkilahti

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    did I write about solo games or anything else? If this is okay for you then maybe you do not understand the whole idea. https://xboxclips.com/Kari Fast/75b0da59-1fe8-4baf-a9bd-dffc897f0f27
  9. The situation is unfair because others think there are 2 different teams in the battle. When you go in, one team acts as bait and the other circles and kills. These players should be punished and banned from the game. There is a record of the situation and it is not difficult to find those players.
  10. Janne Narkilahti

    Disconnects cause item loss

    I have faced many times that kinda of issue and send this kinda of message to Bohemia many times, but nothing real answers so far. Issues like crashes ,freeze etc.. Problem is we are new players so we lose most of our resources because of that. Example our best weapons what we cannot craft yet and materials etc etc. So fast calculation is that I have lose few Suomi Kp`s , few M2 Carbines, few Es16A2 etc etc, few Aurs and ADRs and thats bad for all of us.. Thats bad because I dont have plans to craft them and weapons like Pa md.86 what I can craft I have lost about 5-6 pieces. Then bullets and consumables... Cannot remember how much. So totally I have lost to much of materials and I can't get these back.. These are just few examples - > https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/70b33f5a-234f-4964-a6cf-5c4305c25296 https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/f82c22ca-1281-4650-81b3-ac171b1de415
  11. Janne Narkilahti

    Nice bug

    Sorry about I am too lazy to edit these ones. First clip is my view - > https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/60fb6b22-bd47-45f3-8a38-de332c2033a0 Second one is my team mate view. he couldn't record the event earlier, when he tried to get back down the ladder. Finally, he had to jump down from the tower. -> https://xboxclips.com/JoniDoe/a2ebd042-e113-4d7c-91af-049205cddb3d Regards Vigor rookie Jannena77