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    I can't play ever again

    Vigor had update today. After updating game, I didn't get that error. I can enjoy playing now, thank you!
  2. So I decided to play Vigor... it's free, watched couple YT videos and think really nice I will give it a try. I downloaded and installed game, with no issues. Then opened the game, logged in and started tutorial. I was really happy at that point and then... I get airdrop and went to the second part of tutorial where I should see my shelter and then problem occured. After short loading I see the house in front of me for 2 seconds and then getting kicked out to log in menu with message " Error during communication with cloud service". It's been 3 days already when I keep getting this message every time I try to play game... I don't know if positioning of my character is wrong or what (maybe a Dev can just finish this tutorial for me? lol)... my internet connection is strong and fast... will I be able to play this game ever again?