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  1. Fear the Reaper Reaper Squad SOG is a Privately Contracted special forces unit dedicated to conducting Black Ops, HVT extraction and target search and destroy/sabotage in order to pave the way for large scale assaults or invasions, gaining entry via scuba, HALO, HAHO or rotary wing transport. Reaper One Actual Reaper One Actual is our ground team. Typically a Six Man operator team, every member is trained up to the point of being a basic Combat Life Saver, removing some of the stress from the team dedicated Combat Paramedic. Every team will always have several dedicated roles, such as: Team Leader Combat Paramedic Grenadier Rifleman Marksman Autorifleman/Machine Gunner (Situation specific) Anti-Tank Drone Operator JTAC Each team member is encouraged to think outside the box and share their plans and ideas to enable the team leader to develop a strong and actionable combat plan. YOU could be part of that team. Grim One Actual Grim One Actual is our air wing, primarily using rotary wing transport, such as the MH-6M Little Bird to transport our teams around the battlefield and using the AH-6M to provide light air cover when the situation becomes chaotic and requires an explosive solution. They may occasionally be asked to provide heavy CAS support by AH-64D or fixed wing capability, depending on the situation, those this is rare. Operations We run our Operations three times a week at 1900 UTC/2000 CET on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, run by a dedicated Zeus who will prebuild the missions, brief the teams and commanders and run the mission throughout the Operation, allowing for a versatile Operation which often includes roleplay, storyline and continuity between each operation. Contact Us Discord: https://discord.gg/KR3WUJr
  2. Squad name: Reaper Squad SOG Timezone/location : UK/EU, Operations at 1900 UTC/ 2000 CET on Tues, Thurs and Sat Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Zeus run Operations/Co-Op Contact email: reapersquadsog@gmail.com Website address: N/A Short description: A small Private Contractor Unit, run as an Special Operations Group, dedicated to black ops and paving the way for large scale assaults and invasions, conducting HVT Assassination/Extraction, sabotage and Search and Destroy, inserting by HALO/HAHO, scuba and little bird. Language: English