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  1. Not sure, I didn't try it yet. But I don't have any problem on 32 bit server Sure! I'm organizing the files to create a complete tutorial. I'll upload the files soon
  2. OCAP STILL WORK Just needed some modify. I made it work by taking source code from another page and you don't need database. I made a program that read .json files (ocap files) and put into a .txt file. If someone need help just text me, I had to modify a lot of things. Then I will post the new one and the way to install step by step, because this one is a little poor.
  3. Finally I made it work taking the font code from another OCAP Web Site. But I still can't load maps, when I try to run EmfToPng with arguments it doesn't work
  4. I think I don't need to connect to Remote Server to import Database, if someone can provide me the info of "Data" folder inside the web I think I can run it manually
  5. I can't install the web server. I downloaded Python 3.7.5 , NodeJS, and Docker Toolbox and run it. When I try to run docker-compose I got a lot of error check this video https://gyazo.com/3c1107a8b2054dcabc97ede18e06c0d1
  6. I got troubles when I want to Install the web page. It all says "OK" including GZip, butt when I press "Agree" it says "Installing" then I got error. I'll upload scrennshot Install Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: A connection cannot be established since the destination machine expressly denied that connection. in C:\xampp\htdocs\ocap\install\install.php on line 16 Error: Faile adding this server to statistics database (invaled ID returned) Install failed https://ibb.co/GQ9kjQn https://ibb.co/jbnD2Hf