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  1. Bad Dog

    Season 2: Hunters

    Making great moves keep it up
  2. Bad Dog

    Connection to server lost!!!!!

    attempting to load into a game and so far 7 fails in a row PS. i have great connection & the fast xbox1 no reason i should lag at all. Hope you guys get this fixed at Vigor soon currently game is unplayable
  3. Bad Dog

    Changelog (Auto-Fire fix)

    if they add a 4x4x4 its just going to ruin Vigor for what it is... This is not cod & never will be get over it & enjoy Vigor for what it is.. A solo survivor/scavenger/loot/shoot game.
  4. Bad Dog

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    i mentioned the ammo stacks bc some stacks are up to 90 for guns i usually carry 20-30 rounds for thats a bit much button mashing just to carry a few rounds into an encounter
  5. Bad Dog

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    i dont normally post on things like this but i really like this game & i have to say who ever adjusted the shotguns needs to go shoot something with a shotgun in the real world. if this is the wrong place for suggestions pls steer me in the right direction. Now explain it to me why does it take 6 buck shots to the chest from 10 ft away to drop someone. A been bag shotgun would do more damage now lol. Personally i think the shotguns adjustment should have been more like this. keeping the spread decrease when crouched "simply bc no weapon on this planet gets a bigger spread or becomes harder to hit the target when crouching" but taking away the prone decrease spread is viable. bc going prone with any shotgun should not turn it from being buck shot to a slug. Last shotgun comment lol getting shot in the chest with any shotgun should be leathal at point blank "realistically you're getting hit with a dozen bullets a lil smaller then a 9mm" just sayin. Weapons with an auto option tend to unload the entire magazine which is horrible. Also i think the ammo stack adjustment could be slimmed down on the coding by simply by taking out stack/single options and just make it a basic +10 ammo to your loadout, realistically not even heavy machine gun users are carrying 200+ rounds even though alot of us will leave a match with more then 200 rounds of ammo bc of looting/kills etc..