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  1. Not sure if this DE know what there doing but there 1.1 update is a joke .First off Monitoring needs to go (WHY) going into encounter with say 8 players and 5 of those players are all together using mic and they work together and control the hole map and if one of the group dies as 1 is the monitor goat and tells the rest where you are what way your facing your position . its a form of unlawful cheating and Monitoring needs to be removed . They stopped teams from killing each other for challenges good so now remove that dam monitoring .Second you lowered the run speed way to much So I will tell you what? load 75 lbs on your back and see how far you can run till you are exhausted it was fine the way it was . And the amount of guns I have lost from your server freezing is pathetic . Players are getting fed up with your game and you wonder why its got such a bad rating . I have played and tested games 25 years and this is the second game I have ever came across that is so messed up if a DE could make a game that everyone is just amazed with it be a miracle but that's unlikely only one DE I know that treats there players with respect and rewards and a game that's in the top 3 I wont mention it but correct these mistakes and maybe more people will play it .lots have left and cant say I blame them The Guy who made this must of had a rough childhood cause this game is frustrating a lot of players and why they quit