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    AIM bug

    Currently the game has it's share of lag issues, but it's durable. I'm really hoping its gets fixed soon, but the aiming ? Why does it remember how you set your aiming on the shooting range, but not in the maps. It's so frustrating it keeps switching back to third-person, when you crunch, jump, loot, open a door, run for 1 minute or any other random action. In a gun fight with someone and crunching down and getting up resets it. Please fix it.
  2. CintixCix

    AIM bug

    Why did you break the aiming ? Whenever i set my aiming to first-person, then it now randomly switches it for third-person aiming. If I put my gun away or go from laying to standing. Why is this not a setting in the controls, set the default behavior of aiming. At least make it like it was in the last update, so it remembered the setting per game. It's really frustrating when the aiming keep switching!