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    Iron sight issue

    Before the HMG needs prone before ADS update you were able to simply toggle first person ADS and third person ADS. Keeping the setting until youchanges it again. The forced prone also affected every other gun. When you move around there is no telling what setting the game choose for you. It even happens at random in firefights. Also, when getting shot with heavy staggerin ammo there is a chance to get slammed from third person into first person ADS. I made a topic right after the update was installed. Nothing was done about it and sadly. A lot of my friends quit the game because of this issue. It is starting to become quite obvious the VIGOR-team does NOT use their official website as a platform to get their information from players. The best way around this bug is while sprinting in, aim quickly down sight, adjust setting accordingly, then move in. It takes an extra second, but you won't het pounded when you arrive.
  2. MercWarlord

    Proximity Chat

    People are teaming in solo's right now. Proximity chat might actually give them a good disadvantage, as long as they disable party chat in solo's.
  3. MercWarlord

    Suggestion - Exchange Materials for Resources

    I think I skipped over when you first posted this Idea. I think it's a great plan. The choice of more resources for upgrades or more materials for weapons isn't bad at all! Also, maybe finally a chance to do something with food donations. Like, getting a point for donating X food, exchange points for X resource?
  4. MercWarlord

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    I think Janne made this post to vent some frustration, in the heat of the moment he makes a point but also needlessly throws in some insults. As far as I can see it janne expected us to all throw a tantrum about this sensitive subject. The players who have seen it all are a lot more relaxed about this thing because we know how to handle these situations and I guess he thinks this way the issues won't be adressed. Trust me Janne, teamers do frustrate all of is at some point, however there are far more important things in the game that need change. This one should be somewhere around the bottom of the list as it still is a game that has to stay open to all kinds of gameplay. Get over it and adept is how most of us stroll trough the outlands.
  5. Well for a start, comparing vigor to CoD as a run 'n gun game is incorrect. CoD is the biggest "I'll just camp in this corner from start to finish game. This is one of the games were the playerbase decided hoe the game evolved. Devs van add, change or remove things they feel needed, but that won't change how the players evolve their playstyle after some time. Anyhow, I've been playing Vigor for a while now and I've seen all kinds of different players. The people Just toying around is a phase, they will notice messing around gets them nowhere and they will move on. The whole bunnyhopping thing costs a lot of stamina and is ineffective, that will lose its appeal soon enough as well. When getting shot at and just start sprinting around the shooter only works on new or overly agressive sweaty players. It used to be super effectieve back when auto fire got stick or when the auto fire hit registering was broken, these are fixed now. Stop the stressy action-movie shooting and you'll find they are easy kills. Me and my friends I duo with are always the most agressive players in a match. The main reason for it is that the shelter upgrades are done. Looting to much and gaining weight simply isn't worth it anymore. I have been a hunter from the start, never going trough a match without a firefight. Doesn't mean we just run into every situation guns blazing, but we do take every shot that has a possibility to kill. Players are way to used to winning on "backfire", this means they just run into situations blindly, getting shot by somewhat inaccurate shots and react when the opponent has given its position away. I think this makers it deel like everyone is going into encounters with a run 'n gun attitude. We avoid the actual "hot zones" but do go for the three marked positions. It seems most rushers go for the same thing. However most of them lack the tactical insight to best us. Most of my deaths are on the tactical stealth player, not other rushers, exit or crate campers. As long as what we are doing is effectieve and a fun way to play the game we will nog change our ways. Imagine every game being full of stealthy looters and campers. Nothing Will ever happen and the game would be boring in no time. For now the game still needs plenty of updates and corrections. Still hoping to see the full potential vigor has. Me and my duo's partners all dislike the BR games. There are also plenty of games like vigor, but this one really has a different feel compared to the other games in this genre. It will be (and most likely stay) at hit or miss situation for the devs every time they implement something new.
  6. MercWarlord

    Losing crowns when the server drops the game

    Hi, there are topics about all three problems you made a topic about. Yes the server drops every now and then. As I see it most people exaggerate the amount of server drops, however sometimes you can be unlucky and have quite a few on one day. Bohemia is aware of the server stability problems. Losing crowns and/or weapons because of a server drop is frustrating, but we will have to wait it out and see when they fix this problem. The glitch were the weapon you pick up has -/0 ammo even if you have the right ammo in your inventory happens when you pick the weapon up and at the same time you make a certain action or you are getting shot with a stagger at the exact moment you loot. Again, they are aware of the problem but this one doesn't seem to have priority. The part where you exit the map and Do not retrieve the ammo you have loaded into your weapon happens when your inventory is full of loot and you don't have room to load back the ammo. This is not a bug or glitch. You can not "overload" you backpack when exiting an encounter.
  7. MercWarlord

    Some funny story time

    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/merc-warlord/video/82243752 Ok, so I play with random duo's. Yesterday was the teamkiller day, only got 1 random that played a good match, but these are the players making me keep going for duo's. Anyhow. I get a random duo with a p90. Interesting.. Small chance he will teamkill. When the match just starts he messeged me: Do not follow me. I was like allright maybe he's afraid of getting teamkilled. I move away from him. Both going our seperate ways. I get a gunfight at the signal detector. Doing my thing, je jumps in steals my easy to make kills, runs for their gear. I'm like allright then.... I move on, doing my thing. Then this happens...(vid takes a wile but it had a perfect ending.) After he teamkilled me I ask him why? He replies; this way I get two crates and your inventory, je trashtalks a bit and goes on about how awesome he is. As you can see his aim is complete shite. P90 runners usually have terrible aim. But this Guy is action movie shooting behind en stuff... After this I laugh about him being wiped by a beginner with a RAK. Je gets frustrated and kicks me out of the party. KARMA Oh and I have noticed (don't want to generalise, but facts are facts) players with the most "gangsta" names are usually the teamkillers.
  8. MercWarlord

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    Ok, it seems I understood the situation perfectly fine. Like I said, they did not cheat. You want them punished and banner yet they did nothing that goes against the TOS. Just to make it clear, you and your teammate both got killed by the teammate of the guy you killed. All they had are two extra pair of eyes, when you first talked about a team flanking I expected a actual firefight. I am totally against teaming with other pairs. But all you can do is get over it and keep it in mind the next time you meet them in the outlands.
  9. MercWarlord

    Server wait times are killing the game

    Only when server times take to long. It happens to try and avoid the waiting forever problem. The people in the duo's are usually as surprises this happens as the solo-bunch they join.
  10. MercWarlord

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    I think people who teamplay with other teams or team up on solo's are quite sad. However they did not cheat, nor exploited glitches or bugs. If you are teams running into each other without shooting, there is a fair chance they are indeed teaming up. Adjust your strategy acccordingly, don't go running into random shooting. If you het baited it was your choice to fall for it. Still I do agree there should be something that would give these kind of players more of a disadvantage when they team up. I love the Idea of proximity voice chat. It seems it is up to the community to do something about the regular multi-team players. People are making blacklists for them and teamkillers. There just isn't an official forum post for it.
  11. MercWarlord

    Server wait times are killing the game

    I guess you pick the maps yourself? Random goes a lot faster then picking a map. Also there are peak Times whrn getting into servers only takes seconds. Other times everyone is waiting for several minutes. It's been a while back I got into battles where solo's and duo's got mixed. Maybe this is a reason the server takes more time to get set up?
  12. MercWarlord

    is sound nerfed or is it just bugs

    Well it is mentioned in the games changelogs that the sound (footsteps) have been tweaked. It happened with the adding of the weight. The heavier you are the more sound you make. So players going in "lightweight" make far less sound then the full on looters. You can still hear them pretty well, but if you are full of loot you probably can't hear them over the noise you make yourself. When anyone picks up the crate while having a bunch of loot already and pass by it's like a herd of elephants stampeding trough the map.
  13. MercWarlord

    Please remove ability to destroy crate

    On this I could not agree more. Making the crate droppable would mean even more exit campers. Even if I agree that it is a valid strategy they kind of annoy me, some manage to camp exits from the start until the end of a match. It would also increase the number of teamplayers in solo's. Not a huge problem but a lot of players can't handle these situations. The solution to crate destroying players is simple.. Be the first to take the crate. As for me I haven't destroyed a single crate. However if a situation where in stick with a upgraded crate would occur and destroying it would mean I might get the time to get myself unstuck, I would destroy it without a second tought.
  14. Call of vigor: metro wastelands But seriously, weapons customisation would mean a complete game overhaul. I seriously don't want the game to change into that direction. The "raw" weapons give that beautifull outlandish feeling.
  15. MercWarlord

    Player count - Bunny Hoppers

    If they are from the br game they are in for a good beatdown, have not encountered any yet. I'm also interested in the active player base.
  16. MercWarlord

    frequent disconnects

    Well, for modem settings you Will have to login to your modem, here you can try and put the connection to IPV4 as default. I know IPV6 makes more sense but it actually doesn't communicatie/work as well as IPV4 as most devices aren't made for it. You can try and set your modems nat-type to open. Search Google on how to do it. However I if you het kicked out of the game frequently, without it hard-crashing (you just return to the start screen), it could be that you try and craft a consumable before it says "item added to your inventory". If you craft the next consumable when the timer is still running the game will crash even if it is at 0. Same goes for trying to craft weapons, but here it also often crashes when you start searching for a match and quickly craft one while waiting for a server. At first I tought it was some sort of weird duplicate safety trigger, but it turns out to be poor coding. If you avoid these actions the game won't crash in the shelter (at least not as much). For me the game also hard-crashes far to often when crates get upgrades. Seems like the upgrade trigger is bugged, or server instability won't let the changes be processed. If it makes you feel any better, you are never the only one that crashes. Same goes if your teammate gets dc in duo's. You will lose all crowns, weapons and ammo if the server gets a decent host and still starts. Everything will be returned if everyone crashes and the server never really started, or you never enter the server. Hope this helps a bit.
  17. MercWarlord

    Knife/Bayonet not working

    Well, yes on the knife sucks. No on grenades. I get into situations every run thinking to myself..... "A grenade would fix this easily". But yeah, too easy even. It would completely change the game. Back on topic. If someone storms you with a knife.... All you have to do is crouch as the attack only has one animation and a small hitbox detection. You should be able to stab with it. Should be faster and easier to aim, instead of swinging it around like some drugged out hobo.
  18. MercWarlord

    Health\bullet damage

    Not sure what you mean by point blank range. However, it takes quite some shots to kill with the m1911 if you fire the gun without hitting the opponents torso consistently. I had one opponent taking around 8 hits before he died at a range of 10ft (or 3 meters).
  19. MercWarlord

    LOSING Crate

    Gold+common crate when enough people upgrade the crates in duo's
  20. MercWarlord

    LOSING Crate

    The game went into reverse, or did you sorta "teleport" back to the ladder? This sounds a lot like outgoing package loss. It happens when your connection had a brief moment where it is disconnected. It does not register your actions right away, but moments later it suddenly does register the outgoing information. Was someone on your or your friends networks downloading with priority? Is your modems nat-type open? I hate to say it but this does sound like one of you had the connection issue, and it wasn't someone else on the server as just the two of you were left in the game. Other then that I have not seen (or heard of) this glitch before.
  21. MercWarlord

    New update, new problems.

    Guess I should start with the biggest gamebreaker I have encountered. Now that we have to go prone with the high firerate mg's other weapons tend to randomly change from first person aim down sight to the third person aim down sight. This would not be a problem if it would have been predictable. However it happens at random moments. Even when I was in a toe to toe firefight. This must be fixed right away. Maybe implement a preferred setting in the menu? It should still be able to be swapped on the go. The "forced prone" for mg's is a great idea buy but the best way to do it isn't actually forcing. Let people feel like they should, make the recoil wildly unpredictable in any stance exept when in prone. Mg's already have a huge disadvantage when fighting in and into small spaces. So it isn't really an improvement to a third person shooter. The not so pressing other issue is the weight addition. This had to be tweaked. Just carrying a mg reduces movement speed and stamina. It should be or speed, or the stamina reduction. If both are changed with weight it changes the game completely. Right now I stopped looting and just go for kills as the amount of loot also changed. This seems to stress out most of the players I have encountered. Lots of hatefull chats recieved. Also it removes the "snatch 'n run ya'll" strategy that made the end-game so much more fun. Don't het me wrong, being forced to fight to keep the crate is a great idea. But this makes it so rediculously easy to kill the carrier right in front of the exit and just walk away with the crate. (It has not happens to me for now, I did this to other players as I am focussed on just killing. Lots more hate recieved.) Other then these the bushes are fixed. The new map looks great. The addition of the secret stash is fun. Great to see the game is still being worked on. Keep up the great work. (I can't press enough that the ADS issue has to be fixed ASAP. It is a game-breaker. Enough to make me quit even.)
  22. MercWarlord

    Poor game updates may cause game to die 1.1

    I have to agree with Oldninja on the new player thing here, also the ammo and weapons spawns in the map now contain a serious amount of usable weapons/ammo. The rule is that every weapon kills. It just depends on how you use them. This also counts for the so called top tier weapons. I started the game with the tommy like most people do. Never really had the feeling of being in a huge disadvantage over higher tier weapons. The suomi remains one of the best weapons. The chance of getting those lucky hits when you spray like a blind fool are just slightly less. All the AK versions are still more usable then the crappy AUR. The Grease gun still beats the ADR on accuracy. So I'm pretty sure that when new players complain and leave the game simply isn't for them. They expect a BR game. Vigor simply isn't that. If anything, the update has made it easier for new players. Having to fight for the crate especially when people upgrade it is a good thing. New players should get to learn the game by trail and error. Not just bash in, upgrade the crate with all their newly aquired crowns and think people will give it away.
  23. MercWarlord

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    Yeah this also bothers me, but they are not impossible to loot. When there are no enemies nearby go into prone inside the said bush, use ironsights and hold the loot button while aiming at it. This is a way to work around the big. But indeed it should be fixed.
  24. MercWarlord

    The photos are fun!

    Yes, it is like any container but hidden. It works like the safe but now it always contains a bunch of food. Have opened quite a few and weapons are pretty rare.
  25. MercWarlord

    From the Patch Notes...

    I manager to get several melee/knife kille. Most of these were made on the state campers.. signal detect on the right time. Set waypoint onto a treehugger, flank. Shoot in butt once then stab once.