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  1. I got Arma 3 when it first came out, and dropped it immediately. At the time the aircraft and air-combat systems were...not ideal, and steam workshop support wasn't a thing yet. I came back to it a couple weeks back because it seemed like stuff had matured based on some videos I saw on Youtube, and I was interested in getting some buddies together for Antistasi. We were all looking for mods, everyone finding something to fit their playstyle. I found YOUR mods, but my buddies insisted "all of those planes are in the CUP vehicles pack, most of them at least, we don't want to have to install another several gigabytes of mods". So we played without them, and while the vanilla Arma 3 aircraft and systems have definitely improved, there was still plenty missing. About a week into our Overthrow campaign I decided I'd try out your mods in a single-player game, just so my players wouldn't have to download it for the server. What I had expected to be a 20-minute test turned into an afternoon of trying every plane, every weapon, in as many scenarios as I could think of. Flying was finally GOOD in Arma, not just fun or realistic, but challenging and rewarding. It took some convincing, but I managed to get my buddies to install the base FIR-AWS mod and the Harpy, Lightning and Eagle mods. It completely changed our game. My players, none of them pilots or anything of the sort, were suddenly excited every time a new aircraft entered our inventory, they started looking up Hydra warhead types so we could figure out what the best loadout was for an operation, our Sniper DELIGHTED in sneaking into enemy territory in order to get us GPS digits for precision strikes on the I-TGT, and all of them appreciated that I could now give them some danger-close Hydra air-support with flechette warheads instead of explosive ones. Not only did it make the game better for me, the pilot, but the entire server has started to get a better appreciation for the flying aspect of Arma, with several even asking me to help them learn to fly. I tell you all this because I know that these mods take a LOT of time, effort and I assume money for models, and I just want to reassure you that, for us at least, it has been 100% worth it. You have made one server and one group of friends' Arma experience infinitely better with your hard work. So thank you. "Apart from that, nothing is known about him. I was never able to find out what kind of a person he really was. But whenever they talked about him, they always had a slight smile on their faces. That, perhaps, may be my answer." -AC0
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    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    These models are GORGEOUS. Glad to see someone is giving these awesome airframes the recognition they deserve. Hopefully this makes it's way to the steam workshop some time so it can get some more attention.