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    Thats what I'm trying to figure out, our friend EO might have an answer.
  2. Neto Penha


    That's what we have been doing this whole time, but sadly, sometimes we are not able to find the backpack no matter what, it just dissapear, it happened yesterday, one of our friends got hit and died on the same spot and when he got revived he easnt able to find his stuff. I will let them know that its indeed a feature and we will be more careful next time.
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  4. Neto Penha


    Good to know that it's a feature! Is there a way to disable it? A warning message that our backpack dropped ? Or we have to be checking our invetory everytime we get hit? English is not my main language, when you say "swipe" youre saying that they can steal a backpack? Thanks!
  5. Neto Penha


    Hello, I've been playing this mod along with some friends via Hamachi for the past few weeks and Its been a blast!, like 4-5 hours a day, we are loving it. Unfortunatly since day 1 we have encoutered a bug that is killing our immersion and bring a lot of frustration, our backpack keeps dissapearing/dopping, we still havent figure it out how to replicate this bug yet, it seems that our backpack has a chance to drop if we get hit or incapacitated, has anyone encoutered this bug before? or is a intended feature? We play this mod with 4-6 people. Also, we are unable to sleep, the sleep button doesnt appear in the menu, even with a Tent, Sleeping bag and fire close to each other, any suggestion? Thanks!