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  1. I downloaded it from Armaholic and used the .bat to install it..... Okay... After doing some digging the mod had somehow mixed in with my Crosscom mod? I have no idea how.. But after disabling that mod everything is working normally.
  2. Thank you! 🙂 My problem isn't running the scenarios it's just that when deleting the mod I get that before mentioned error when launching ARMA and then the game closes. When I just disable the mod ARMA runs but the scripts still run when starting the scenario. Ambient animals and civvies still spawn and such. Zombies crouch and take cover. XD
  3. I did that, but when loading the scenario it still loads the scripts.
  4. It worked perfectly after installing. I love the mod, but when playing zombie mods it just spawns in the random civvies and messes with the scripts. After removing both files I get "Include file userconfig\TPW_MODS\TPW_MODS.hpp not found" then ARMA closes itself.
  5. I'm so lost. I downloaded this mod to experiment with it. I went to remove it to play some zombie missions and such and kept getting an error that I was missing the UserConfig and then ARMA closed. I removed everything pertaining to the mod and the problem is still there. So today when getting home from work I completely uninstalled ARMA and deleted all files on my computer. After reinstalling everything fresh and having no files from this mod on my computer I'm still getting this UserConfig issue and can no longer play ARMA unless i go and re-download this mod. I have no idea what to do. I love this mod, but would like to play without it sometimes. I must have missed something because I can't find a solution or record of people having this issue anywhere. I hope you can help.