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  1. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e


    great work thanks, we have used this mod for a long while so it will be nice to get a fresher version onboard.
  2. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Sudden problems with the database

    you say you have not changed anything? you must have added or changed something since your last issue (server crashes) that you posted about in these forums. Go back and double check what you have done.
  3. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Sudden problems with the database

    Not sure, something is calling for extDB2, but you say you are running extDB3. can you post full rpt
  4. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Server crashes when entering from extDB3

    is this any help? https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile/wiki/Common-Errors--&-Issues 'collumn name here' doesn't have a default value: Run this command : SET @@sql_mode = ''; SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode = '';
  5. Hi Currently running 2 x PvE Exile Servers, all the usual scripts, addons and mods. Why not pay us a visit and see for yourselves 🙂. Thanks Razor [UK-PVE][Typhoon-Gamers]Exile|5k|Altis [UK-PVE][Typhoon-Gamers]Exile|5k|Chernarus Summer
  6. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Chernarus Winter

    thank you to you both @Sgt Smashand @chernaruski chopping trees is working again since adding cup_t Thanks
  7. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Chernarus Winter

    thank you very much Chernaruski, will give that a try this evening and report back. many thanks
  8. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Chernarus Winter

    Hi all I have recently changed from chernarus summer to chernarus winter for December and I now have an issue where chopping trees does not produce logs, I think this maybe due to the change of the model names of the trees. Could anybody tell me how I can source the names of the trees please? Many thanks
  9. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    ACE + Exile integration

    if this could happen it would be amazing
  10. Razor-79fcc52bfc334b0e

    Script for check vehicle damage

    the icons in the earlier post are from infistar xm8 addon, but take a look at this for advanced vehicle repair scripts/addon https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/224288-advanced-and-super-advanced-vehicle-repair-script/