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  1. jcalvert

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Nice work on update, especially the opposing force . I assume that separatists are fighting for PRON (People's Republic Of Nadbor 🙂 . Also check the PM :).
  2. The point is that these weapons exist IRL, and are actively used by people around the world. Is that not enough? They are certainly more common and more likely to be found in the field than, lets say, AA12. Or even TEC-9 , as much as i like it 🙂. Private security and law enforcement, irregulars, militias, armed civilians might not be as glamorous as superspecial elite commando units, but they are part of the world just as well. Is giving them wepons that could be realistically found in their hands really such awful idea? Besides, as i said its relatively good cost-effect addition - you dont really have to make any new textures or models, and it adds gameplay variety rather that being purely cosmetic (like dozen camo variants of military M4s 🙂 - note that i do enjoy the fact that there's dozen camo variants of M4, variety is always good thing) . Ouch. How very sarcastic. Well, did you know that the defining characteristic of civilian ARs is that you cannot switch them to full auto by pressing 'F'? Because that is the whole point here, my friend ;).
  3. I don't know if its the right place for such suggestions, but - would it be possible to add some semiauto only civilian AR-15s? M-4 semiauto clones are extremely common in US, they can be also bought by civilians in most european countries other than UK, and are pretty popular with all kinds of sport shooters, paramilitaries, pmcs, law enforcement and all kind of other users. It seems like straightforward modification, since all models, textures and animations are already in the mod and don't need to be changed.
  4. jcalvert

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Pair of somewhat silly questions: 1) Does anyone know a mod containing 3den prop of opened empty suitcase or rugged plastic case ? 2) Are there any mods containing civilian, sem-auto only AR-15 style rifles? These things are common as hell in US, and avaiable for civilian shooters in most of europe, and would make lot of sense for any kind of western militia/irregular force - and yet, all mods i have seen so far have only military versions with full auto enabled. Only semi-auto ones i have been able to find are DMRs (like CUPs mk12 ).
  5. jcalvert

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Thanks, thats exactly what i needed. Hope you have livonian police car somewhere in your future plans as well 🙂 Also, a funny tidbit: livonian... err, polish police for some reason decided that a forage cap headgear would be a good idea. I think its looks rather amusing: https://i.imgur.com/7V9hDx8.jpg
  6. jcalvert

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hi, first thing i wanted to say that Aegis is awesome mod, and you are doing great work. Its really nice to see 2035 armaverse stuff being worked on, rather than umptenth strictlly real-life modern content focused mod. That being said - i stumbled upon it looking for Livonian police (the guys on the last photo in very first post of this topic fit the bill perfectly). But after installing the mod, i can't find the police content at all , only gendarmerie is listed in editor. Am i mising something? Or is the polish/livonian police something planned for future relases? Also, my 0.05 usd about the M-4 rifle - you might consider removing the full-auto option, and leave it as semi-auto only civilian AR-15 clone? These things are reasonably cheap, avaiable for non-military users, and would make sense for paramilitaries, police, and criminal elements... while at the same time being different than other guns of its class. Just a sugestion . IMO Arma sorely lacks this class of weapons, despite their relative popularity.