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  1. Dear sir,

    I clicked on your Reddit link under one of your posts, and found this:

    This is amazing, and requires recognition!

    I ask for permission to convert it to a .paa file (that I will share here) so that I may display it as a user texture poster on my public server (with your name attached). 

    1. wogz187


      Thanks, man!

      You may use it as you please.

      Have fun!

    2. Melody_Mike



      Just converted it. Will send a screenshot.

  2. Melody_Mike

    Script Ideas

    @Smart Games Wow. That looks like a very complete solution. I am absolutely looking a gift horse in the mouth. But, I can't get your script to work in a test mission. Of course, the script files (init.sqf, description.ext) are being executed; the respawn template is active, and I can script extra things. But no new respawn positions are made. If I don't pre-place a respawn_west marker in the editor, there's simply no respawn position. ^ This is probably to do with it. Even if the group leader is an AI, the first player cannot respawn. A side effect of this design choice is that I am unable to test your scripts by myself. I've also tried nominating a new leader: [testunit, west] call JF_fnc_SetLeader; But cannot get the syntax to work. Restarting the script with: [1, west] call JF_fnc_RespawnOnGroupLeader; Crashed Arma 3 so hard that my computer required a restart. I am clearly missing something. What is it?
  3. Melody_Mike

    The least resource hungry editor object

    Hi ChickenCreator, welcome to the forums! To make a snobby quote by someone much much smarter than myself, "“Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” . Unless the defender position is changed several times a second, I really wouldn't worry about how it's created. But to answer your question: game logics and markers don't have physics or graphics simulation on them, so consume slightly less resources on clients. But you might be spending unnecessary time changing the syntax of your code to work with markers (get markerpos "_marker" vs getpos _object ). And it'll probably be more irritating to position an invisible object correctly in 3D, rather than a cerealbox with hideObject. Long story short: just make things convenient for yourself. Because players won't notice.
  4. The easy part about using trigger objects in the 3den editor is that, unless you check the "only on server" box, they are executed both on every client and the server. It's just another game object that activates and then deactivates when finished. More to the point, if you wanted a character named "Brian" to say something to nearby players and move his lips, you could put this into a triggers OnActivation field: Brian say3D ["brianistalking", 70, 1]; Brian setRandomLip true; Here we assume you have the sound "brianistalking" correctly set up in the CfgSounds part of your description.ext . I would use RemoteExec and such things if you wanted to restrict playing the sound and animating the character to certain clients. Or as a method of optimization for code that's run over and over again.
  5. Melody_Mike

    Script Ideas

    I have an idea for a scripter who is looking for a puzzle! Can you recreate the "respawn on group leader" function that Bohemia Interactive uses in their multiplayer scenarios? (for example, "Escape" or the "Bootcamp" MP missions) When unpacking the relevant mission files, it is somewhat annotated, but integrated in several scripts at once. I could not reverse engineer it. There are a lot of side projects on this forum. Some work via complicated user interfaces. Some do not (anymore). But none of them simply use the "BASE" template. I have come close to recreating it using a simple WHILE loop: for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0 do { Group1respawn call BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition; Group1respawn = [west, getpos playerleader, "Groupleader"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; sleep 20; }; But this, when run on dedicated, will sometimes fail in removing old positions, producing a trail of respawn markers following the group leader. Also relies on naming several things (unit group leader) by hand. It also does not adapt to changing group leaders (or dead group leaders), which the BI version does. Point is that I consider a beneficial, utilitarian project, that would probably make life easier for many.
  6. Melody_Mike

    F.R.O.G.S -- Combat Diver Project

    Hiya everyone. I am late to the party, it seems :'(. Can't seem to find a download link to the 2019 version of the mod. Does anyone have one? Would be a shame for all this hard work.
  7. I assume this must be run locally? Can imagine the load it would put on a dedicated public server...
  8. Dear forumgoers and missionmakers. I have a particular daytime scenario in mind that involves certain players seeing invisible beams, and others not. Think along the lines of this: I am a little stuck however, on how to place actual laser beams, and making them visible in daytime, using scripting. Tried various post processing effects using ReColor, combined with ppEffectForceInNVG, but no matter the alpha or brightness values, the beams remain invisible until sunset. Does anyone know to what parameter this is set? Or- can I create beam-shaped objects that show up in Thermal Imaging? Would welcome both technical and lateral thinking here :)!
  9. Melody_Mike

    Daytime Laser Maze

    Just brainstorming here: Could I addMissionEventHandler "Draw3D" (create the lines) locally for the player controlling the UAV, and then have all the lines deleted when the user releases control of the UAV? That would be a potential client-side solution.
  10. Melody_Mike

    Daytime Laser Maze

    Thank you for the suggestions! The major gimmick here is that NVG equipped players (well, actually a statically placed ED-1E drone) can detect the lines, and regulars players not. Is there a way of making the lines visible to only the drone? The intersect feature seems a much better solution than my idea of using very thin trigger boxes!
  11. Melody_Mike

    Helicopter (MH-47) transport pilot

    Hey bub. In case you didn't check: there's a pretty complete set of VR helicopter tutorials in the game. Do those first. As far as practicing the actual troop pick-up and drop offs... -here's one of several Steam Workshop missions that do this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=275964321
  12. Hi. Props where props are due; Engima's mission works as expected. Using that example, I now have the environmental sounds working. A couple of things were keeping me stuck: - An overestimation of the positional sound effects of the game. - Incorrectly scaling the distance and volume parameters. Both units a quite arbitrary when it comes to sound perception (especially if sound is above the player). Result was that I was changing around classnames and syntax, when it was just a question of setting appropriate numbers. Thanks gents!
  13. Hello everyone! Aim: I wish to create randomly located environmental noises within a large space. Attempt: The createSoundSource command works fine on a given marker or trigger. In this example, "mytrigger": envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", position mytrigger, ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"], 0]; But you'll see I've also included an array of (earlier created) markers. According to the BIKI: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSoundSource These can be used to create random locations for the sound. There's also an argument for "placement". However, regardless of what amount of placement radius or marker arrays I enter, the sounds all exclusively originate from the second argument (above example: position mytrigger ). Question: What's a good way to randomize the location of createSoundSource sounds within a given space?
  14. Melody_Mike

    Ambient battle sounds Module

    Heya everyone. I know this is a dead thread. Still want to remind all us basement scripters and modders out there that this 5 year old script is still being used in missions published today: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2081073130 So even if you're not getting feedback, there's still a good chance people are enjoying your work!
  15. Melody_Mike


    Hi y'all. Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed the addon so far. As a thank you, I just wanted to add how I adapted part of it for server-side only use (addon free). I was interested in the explosive breaching part (see above post). I also added the explosive objects aspect for kicks. I simply did a bunch of cut and pasting in several script files to change the module to a mission script. 1) un-PBO the addon file, and place fn_exploFire.sqf and fn_stickCharges.sqf into your mission folder. 2) Make a description.ext in your mission folder and paste the following code into it: 3) Make an initplayerlocal.sqf in your mission folder and paste this code in it: Now all players have the ability to place charges on doors, and shooting at explosive objects also causes fires. Zero client addons required. This has been tested on dedicated servers. PS. One change I did make was adding Land_MetalBarrel_F to the MGI_EXPLOARRAY in fn_exploFire.sqf. I'm surprised that object wasn't included. PPS. As insultingly simple as this adaptation is of your hard work, @pierre MGI, I hope you are not offended!
  16. Melody_Mike


    Need to add that this agrees with all your statements above. But the result still feels a little like cheating :S.
  17. Melody_Mike


    That is fair enough. I should make the issue as clear as possible. I've uploaded a video of the steps I took in the Eden Editor. Written out, they are: 1) Place an explosives expert unit 2) Place a change environment module on a building 3) Go into environment module; lock all doors 4) Place a "Blast" module 5) Go into "Blast" module to enable opening doors with charges 6) Preview mission 7) Place mine on door 8) Attempt to open locked door 9) Deactivate/remove mine The result is a locked door that is opened without actually detonating any explosives. Link to a video file with my recording: https://gofile.io/d/ZWIhma (ps Obviously no other mods loaded. Game version is 1.98 public release)
  18. Heya! Perhaps you could use the BI version of the timer, which as far as I know, doesn't require scheduling. Pop this into a script file ( "timer.sqf" ) and execute it from a trigger ( nul = execVM "timer.sqf"; ). Notice I put 60 seconds in the timer: _initialCountDown = [60] call BIS_fnc_countDown; addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{hintSilent format["%1", [(([0] call BIS_fnc_countdown)/60)+.01,"HH:MM"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring]}];
  19. Melody_Mike


    Hi! So very helpful in simplifying missionmaking! I'd like to offer a minor bug report as well. In using the "Blast & Fire", it allows locked doors to be opened by deactivating placed mines and explosives. This gives players a minor exploit, whereby they don't actually have to detonate anything to open doors. Thanks again!
  20. Do you only have this .. starting with blurred vision.. problem in this particular mission?
  21. Did you get it to work? Because I did not. I might even consider sending cash via Paypal if you have got an example mission where it works!
  22. Ok thanks. But it seems like we've come full circle in a way. I am not seeing the practical difference between your code: And the code from my opening post: Which keeps the sound on only 1 location. I appreciate the demonstration of a "while" loop. Can't immediately think of an elegant use for repeatedly creating and deleting new sound sources, whenever a sound has played. Unless someone has experience with the command, or a new suggestion, I think I'm going to leave it here, and stick to workarounds. Thanks for the help gents.
  23. Okay; we're on the same page. But what kind of conditional looping did you have in mind back there, that would be easier than creating separate sound sources and giving them each their own marker? I was hoping you already had your sounds defined and were testing this. No hope necessary :-). My declared CfgSFX and CfgVehicles work as intended. I asked, because we're moving away from my original question (how to use last two arguments of createSoundSource), and I hoped you might know a potential mission I could check out for inspiration.
  24. OK, because I was confused about your proposed solutions. Please correct me if I'm wrong here... _mkr = selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]; As I understand variable declaration in sqf, the above code will chose ONE marker. From here on out, variable _mrk will always be this ONE marker; never change. Unless you have some sort of conditional loop intended to repeat the variable declaration.. To extend the point: envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]), [], 0]; Even if I got the syntax to work, the result would be that the sound source will still come from ONE marker position. It seemed, therefore, a little unnecessary to try out random parentheses placement. Do you know a user mission with environmental sounds I could pull apart, by any chance?
  25. Argh ! To clarify the aim: I am trying to get random factory noises to play inside of a building. The origin should change, in order to confuse players a bit. Which means I don't want them all to play from a single location that's pre-selected beforehand. Regardless of the syntax suggested before, it seems that the marker selection will only occur once if I execute createSoundSource only once. I suppose the most straightforward solution is to create several markers and run createSoundSource on each of them, with a long delay specified. Damned shame nobody on this forum knows how the last two arguments of the command work. Thanks for the help guys!