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  1. Hi bub. I assume your picture shows a static prop from this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685039592 So not a boat vehicle. That means you only have to "teleport" your units to the ship walkway, using setposATL or setposASL (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPosASL). Assuming you can get the speedboat to travel close enough, you could just put a trigger next to the walkway. The next, much bigger problem, is getting your AI units to move on the ship prop. Because the prop is not terrain, they probably won't. If you're willing to go the extra mile, you can script their path, using this: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222856-generate-ai-path-for-building/ I will say, if you get this to work, that you will made some really unique :)!
  2. Aim: To enable CAS using unmanned drones for players, without significant bugs, using mission scripting. Issue: The default CAS module (SupportProvider_CAS_Bombing) is rather bugged when synced with a UAV (B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F or O_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F). If for example, a bombing run is requested and that UAV is too close, then it will circle the target endlessly, with the player unable to request new runs. Similarly, if the player requests a laser-guided bomb or unguided bomb, but the UAV does not have the correct loadout, it will similarly loiter. See picture below: So there are several easily triggered soft-locks that I wish to design around. Solution attempt #1: Create individual bombing runs (without a constant provider) using the zeus module. Looking at beno83_au 's script (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/219155-release-mil_cas/ ) I found a reference to the zeus CAS module. This is easily copied and set as a new function in description.ext . I modified the start position of the CAS runs to the start position of my regular CAS provider unit. It allows me to specify the type of run, and respawns the CAS unit, so there's no soft locking due to to loadout OR position. But- It's completely missing the player UI. There's no communications menu, no notifications, no sound. The strike is called using script commands. Solution attempt #2: Recreate the support provider module, remove the "unguided bomb" command menu option, and script respawning modules and units after every CAS. I found that the module 'SupportProvider_CAS_Bombing' uses scripts within modules_f.pbo > supports . I unpacked those, thinking "if I just cut out that single line, then recompiled it all back into functions, this should replace the vanilla function without problems". But they also include a set of FSM 's and BikB dialog files. And I've gotten rather stuck on where to find my relevant line and remove it. This solution would restore the complete UI of the vanilla CAS request, sans loadout error. Deleting the vehicle and recreating the setup would be pretty straightforward. So this is me at the moment. I'm stuck with the user interface of the Close Air Support Modules. The BIKI article on comm menus seems helpful- https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Communication_Menu But I am having trouble locating the vanilla menus and editing them. Any thoughts on how I should proceed? With thanks, -MeM
  3. Great script. Particularly for mission makers who want to avoid dependencies. For other users: this script will also populate buildings that have been hidden (eg by HideObject or modules). The PF_BlacklistObj variable in CFG.sqf doesn't function. I can only remove buildings from the whitelist (PF_Houses in the init).
  4. Melody_Mike

    CAS using drones

    Thank you for responding @beno_83au. I've posted this twice in the Discord as well. You are the first person even to respond. People don't even tell me I'm going about it the wrong way. It seems I may perhaps be breaking new ground here with the communication menu scripting. Of course I have taken a look at the default game scripting for CAS within "A3\modules_f\supports\...". It's about 16 script files and 8 FSM files. Before I reverse engineer the code to not make it an Eden module, remove the unnecessary features, then make it work again as a mission script (in multiplayer!), it'll be a while. But I do like a challenge. Cheers, - MeM
  5. Thank you for this! Seems a lot more robust then other workshop compositions and "reveal" scripts. So if I understand it, the Dest_Zone trigger starts a command in init.sqf that detects a list of enemies within 200m of the trigger. That list is passed (globally) to all artillery units, which then do a range check, have all their targets automatically lased, then fire continuously until there are no more enemies in the list, friendlies are detected, or ammo finished. I guess I have 2 questions: I would like players to cross a large area and not have the AI empty its ammo at first sight: Can I set it with multiple dest_zone triggers? And can I restrict the artillery to fire periodically?
  6. I don't have much experience with this. But I did a search in our bottomless pit of forum posts and found this: It seems the command playMission doesn't work very well, and things behave better when they are organized as a campaign file and then referenced in the campaign description.ext . Hope that helps 😬.
  7. @Solarcode red I removed the comments (init fields don't like those) and removed the optional arguments. Here ya go: this addAction [ "Set weather clear skies", { 0 setOvercast 0; forceWeatherChange; } ]; this addAction [ "Set weather overcast", { 0 setOvercast 0.6; forceWeatherChange; } ]; this addAction [ "Set weather stormy", { 0 setOvercast 1; forceWeatherChange; 0 setRain 1; } ];
  8. Hi @Solarcode red; welcome to the forums! What you describe has been exactly implemented by the following, excellently made mission, by none other than our beloved @Lou Montana: However, if you wish to create your own, a simplistic way would be- Place a laptop object. Paste the following code into its init box: this addAction [ "Set weather clear skies", // title { 0 setOvercast 0; forceWeatherChange; // script }, true, // showWindow false, // hideOnUse "true", // condition 3, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; this addAction [ "Set weather overcast", // title { 0 setOvercast 0.5; forceWeatherChange; // script }, true, // showWindow false, // hideOnUse "true", // condition 3, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; this addAction [ "Set weather storm", // title { 0 setOvercast 1; forceWeatherChange; // script }, true, // showWindow false, // hideOnUse "true", // condition 3, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; Hopefully this will give you an idea how it works. Assuming I have not mistyped anything on my phone . Note: this method has multiple bugs. Changing weather may cause stuttering in multiplayer. Players joining mid-mission (JIP) may find duplicate actions in their menu. And others. But it works fine for a quick mission with friends.
  9. Melody_Mike

    Fog problem in MP

    ACE has a rather complicated weather system that affects things like ballistics and artillery as well. I have had similar problems with scripted weather being removed after a few seconds when ACE was loaded. Have you tried disabling (not loading) the ACE mod from the launcher and tested that?
  10. Melody_Mike


    How many Altian dollars are you willing to spend? More seriously, you have picked a pretty good topic to start playing with scripting. Skim read this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Introduction_to_Arma_Scripting Read the links I sent you and type a command into the debug console ( "Execute" ) when you play a mission from the Eden Editor. Debug console: Example command: player setVelocity [20, 0, 10]; Play around with this, and if you try enough and ask a question that shows you made an effort, someone may help you. Good luck!
  11. Melody_Mike

    BIS_fnc_unitPlay varDone findings

    Thanks Doc! Should help those of us scripting cutscenes, specifically in timing scripts to fire after the unitPlay has finished. Keep it up, sir! ... May I ask what context you were using this in?
  12. Melody_Mike

    player inventory weight script

    The ACE mod displays this value in the inventory by default. It uses this function for the calculation. Note the use of CBA: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/common/functions/fnc_getWeight.sqf But you will have to dig some more into the "common" functions and scripts to find how exactly this value is displayed to the player in their inventory screen. They have a slack and a GitHub where you can message with questions: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3 Good luck!
  13. Melody_Mike


    Heya @asdsadasddsa; welcome to the forums. (I hope I didn't accidentally tag the wrong "asd.." user ) It looks like everyone jumps identically, and that they are not able to change direction/speed once they are in the air. So I am guessing the players have a scripted action that gives them a fixed upward and forward boost when they press a certain key. My guess is that the following commands are used: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVelocity https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVelocityModelSpace https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_holdKey (one way to assign a button ingame) Good luck!
  14. Melody_Mike

    COVID-20: Vaccine

    I will wager a lot of money that In about 12 years time, there will be a Netflix drama about people living through COVID. Maybe even an action disaster film starring a new retired WWE Wrestler. It was the same with 9/11 in American films and the Cold War in Germany. But not today. I don't want to be reminded of daily problems in my entertainment. Sorry if it feels like a lazy excuse. Your choice of setting has nothing to do with the quality of your mission making. And we all have different ways of working through difficult experiences. But that is the reason I won't download your mission. It looks like a lot of work went into it. So I'm looking forward to future projects. Good luck!
  15. How exactly does it go wrong? If, for example, you cannot get script to work from the unit attributes, then you could give the unit a variable name when editing the mission file, then reference that when entering the code from the server debug console. Eg: if (isServer) then { 0 = [DogCharacterVarName,"Fin_random_F"] spawn { ...
  16. @marki980908 Sure, if the debug console is enabled (or you are the admin), you can execute code in the unit attributes. See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Debug_Console
  17. Melody_Mike

    Image over HUD Issue

    @GODSPEEDSNAKE I got inspiration for creating a jumpscare in my "horror" mission using BIS_fnc_dynamicText, thanks! May I ask why you made this function, instead of using BIS_fnc_initLeaflet ? Or is the image meant to appear with a different interaction/trigger? Eg: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:a3_orange_leaflets_preview.jpg
  18. As I understand from the PMC tutorial, L3DT allows you to export the heightfield / heightmap in several image formats, besides the data table .asc format. Mondkalb's own tutorial even suggests using 8-bit greyscale images: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb%27s_Terrain_Tutorial Editing an image file with eg irfanview, GiMP, or Photoshop(if you have the license) allows you to select and edit areas. You could then apply an automated noise filter over a selected area. This is a tutorial for GiMP, but there's multiple for all image editing suites: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/76414/how-to-apply-grain-texture-effect-in-gimp Or perhaps you prefer the manual 3D hands on approach. Arguments can definitely be made for that. Good luck!
  19. Whoa! This terrain looks very well put together, and very fun for small scale fights. You can really tell a lot of attention to detail that went into it, and that it's designed with gameplay in mind vs pure aesthetics. Also nice that it doesn't depend on any third party content! I have an unsolicited question: feel free to ignore it, obviously I have *zero* claim to your efforts: Does the terrain editor allow for noise generation in the heightmap for certain areas? Perhaps in the slums and outer city? Really +/- 0.2 meters would be plenty. I think it could increase immersion by reducing the visual contrast of the hills vs the (perfectly) flat city areas. Also, infantry players would have to adjust view and not just hold the "W" key when crossing. And it also provides minor cover for prone positions, that would be performance friendlier than placing many rock objects.
  20. @Webbzyjr2 You nailed it. Thank you.
  21. Hey @Webbzyjr2! I am afraid I am not familiar with GUI editing. But I am VERY curious how you disabled the map. Seems the solution to a problem of mine: how to make players who have teleported "inside" buildings not have a GPS signal. What script command did you use?
  22. @linkinpunk Thank you! Do you know where I can find a list of the default "classes" of cutRsc effects in Arma? I could not find one in the BIKI.
  23. Whoa, quick reply! Well the solution here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2469948730 -was to place the players extremely high. I will get back to you on how well that works out in an MP situation.
  24. Well I am definitely curious. It seems that the script uses a 0.05 tick rate for the physics simulation: }, 0.05 //Physics update rate. ,[_FNC_turbulence,_vehicle,_dimensions,_surfaceArea]] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler; }; But "vanilla" onEachFrame doesn't seem to allow suspension. Mind you I have thus far completely avoided using it because of everyone's warnings about performance. How would you get around this?
  25. I am aware that the new CDLC features tunnels (am away on work on a laptop- no Arma for me coming time). But this so far seems pretty functional for me. The only thing that's missing for me is the GPS/Map element that may throw off players. Do you simply remove the map from the player's inventory when they are underground (and return it via the "exit" addaction)? Or can you spawn and teleport objects and players under the terrain surface via scripting? Or perhaps extremely high- beyond regular view distance (and hopefully without weird ambient wind sounds ).