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    Universal Door Code Lock

    You can easily change that by adding classnames to kitty_codeLockIinit.sqf: _tablet = "Land_Tablet_01_F"; _objects = allMissionObjects _tablet; { null = [_x] execVM "kitty_lockFolder\setupKeypads\setup.sqf"; } forEach _objects; === I agree. Also doesn't work on Livonia buildings. The editor gives an error in the first called script, the keypad setup. Tested the first commands in the debug console with an editor placed building. Seems that nearestBuilding draws a blank. Is it that nearestBuilding doesn't count placed buildings? Can anybody comment further on this?
  2. Melody_Mike

    Zeus Via Passwort

    Heya @MRfunbaer, welcome to the forums! Best idea I have needs a bit of scripting, filtering on player Steam IDs. You'd use assignCurator for players who have a certain Steam name. Of course some sort of in-game chat function should be possible, but I don't know it, and it seems very insecure. I'm curious what you come up with. Good luck!
  3. Melody_Mike

    Best RTS camera

    OK, thanks. It's happened 2x already that I said "this will be complicated" and I was proven wrong. But I am pretty certain there's a lot of work in making a proper 3D camera (for RTS gameplay). A good camera system gives a good view/perspective no matter how it's moved. It has to restrict the player to prevent performance problems, getting stuck on geometry, motion sickness, and other things. Everyone who played games in the 2000's knows how it can go wrong. I understand that you don't want to reinvent the wheel. However, since we haven't found an in-game camera function, I think it will have to be coded. You could use this script for inspiration: https://forum.unity.com/threads/rts-camera-script.72045/
  4. Melody_Mike

    Best RTS camera

    Hey bub. I am a little bit confused on your question. Doesn't the high command module only use the regular first and third person (and map) view? Are you looking for a reference to a BI script or are you making your own?
  5. Melody_Mike

    Paradrop vehicles

    Hi @BRA-Samurai, welcome to the forums! Good news is that someone else has already coded a solution (that I have used) for your problem: http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-epic-armour-drop/ Just activate the script with a trigger at your preferred height. Have fun!
  6. Melody_Mike

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Holy cow, what a mod! Sorry if you already wrote about it, but was wondering: is the JU-86 still in an alpha state? I am having trouble getting it to take off: removed all the obstacles in Altis airport, and even a 2 km run will not get the plane faster than 121 km/h. Love how you even included quirks in starting the engines. Really makes the flying feel different from the modern jets.
  7. Just discovered the link by PierreMGI; wow! An extra mention, if you want the ship to move by itself: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2315750650 Two things however: a) Aircraft carriers are not one object, so you will have to modify the code with a foreach loop. b) Again, you cannot really walk/land/interact with moving objects. PierreMGI describes it better in his post.
  8. Melody_Mike

    [IBIZA] Problem with surface mask

    Need a playtester?
  9. Melody_Mike

    Best RTS camera

    It's a scripted mission. Tried it a while ago. Works surprisingly well, except that your units will no longer respond to "commands" (waypoints) once they enter combat mode. So it needs an AI mod, at very least. I am not sure if the camera is simply default Zeus, but it certainly could use some adjustment. As you know, games such as Warcraft 3 and later include a tilting (backward "pitch") effect when zooming in that keeps units height-wise within the players field of view. And other tricks. You certainly have your work cut out for you!
  10. Melody_Mike

    Best RTS camera

    Hey bub, I am assuming you've already taken a look at this? https://github.com/AlkanetSmorgas/RTS-Engine-Script-Game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2315282631
  11. Melody_Mike

    Random AA Fire script

    I copy pasted the (commented out) example call from the top of the fn_randomAAFire.sqf file: Example: [ [GKB_aa1, GKB_aa2, GKB_aa3], [[0, 4500], [7000, 8000], [1000, 500]], 20 + random 100, 0.1, {alive GKB_radar} ] spawn GKB_fnc_randomAAFire.sqf; ======= ... I fixed the problem. I had added the function to the description.ext CfgFunctions. Of course, spawning the function with GKB_fnc_randomAAFire.sqf; would not work then. I had copied fn_randomAAFire.sqf to the mission root and changed the spawn to GNK_fnc_randomAAFire.sqf (to test if my description.ext was correct), but ArmA would give me the "missing ;" error then. Interesting... So the given example in the script file has a typo. It should end with " ] spawn GKB_fnc_randomAAFire; " To make it easier for future users, my example description.ext : class CfgFunctions { class GKB { class MyCategory { file = "functions"; class randomAAFire {}; }; }; }; (make a folder in your mission folder called "functions" and place the script file fn_randomAAFire.sqf in there. Read this BIKI article for more details) Appreciate the hand holding. Have a good one!
  12. Melody_Mike

    Random AA Fire script

    Appreciate the continued responses. I'm aware. I use the parameters mentioned in the script file example to simplify troubleshooting. Praetorians and the AN/MPQ 105 Radar are Blufor objects. Just in case, I retested by creating them with the "place vehicles with crew" box unchecked, and manually adding AI units to the turrets. I'm thankful you are helping me with this, but what would be the next most likely problem, if not these?
  13. Melody_Mike

    Random AA Fire script

    Thanks for the reply. I assume you mean giving each AA gun a variable name in Eden, which is sort of what I meant with "defined by ...". Just to check: GKB_aa1 through GKB_aa3 can be Praetorians, yes? And the GKB_radar an "AN/MPQ 105 Radar" object, yes?
  14. Heya @Enigx Thanks for answering! By saying there are no player slots on a server, I mean to imply it was multiplayer (you don't have a role selection screen when starting a singleplayer scenario). When selecting from singleplayer scenarios menu, you simply do not enter the mission. Also, it is because the editor tells you which mods the mission files require upon opening, that I could find the correct RHS ACE compatibility patch. And as genuinely beautiful as RHS is, in practice players need to download the Russian and GreenFor mods as well for missions, which glues another 10GB download for casual players. Obviously fine if everyone has downloaded them before, but a barrier for players without fast broadband connections. But enough passive bitching from me(!). If any future reader doesn't want to download the RHS mods and RHS ACE patch, they can do the following to the provided example mission: a) Use MissionDeRap from ArmaTools to unbinarise the mission.sqm file. b) Open the mission.sqm file with Notepad(++) or whatever, and remove the RHS and ACE compatibility addon names from the addons[]={...} list at the beginning of the file. c) Ignore the errors of missing RHS ammo classes when opening the mission. Or, make a new mission and simply copy paste the all the other files from the test mission, and follow the README text :]! Will say it again: it's a very elegant script for mission makers who want to give the players autonomy in calling a medevac, whenever and wherever they want. It's more streamlined than Hermes: In that the mission maker doesn't need to specify a helicopter and a base beforehand, and there's no messing around with radio commands and smoke signals for the players. It's all click and go.
  15. Melody_Mike

    Random AA Fire script

    Greetings! I'd like to add myself to this list. And if the moderators rate this thread as dead (and us as "Necro-ing") then that is fine and I will leave this alone. The test mission is no longer downloadable. I have tried to replicate it, but I am also not able to get this specific function to work. I've (of course) added the function to the description.ext . I've defined the GKB_AAx's using either Praetorian 1C's and Mk49 Spartans (just in case the syntax for "cannon" or "missile" was specific), along with a Cronus radar. And have specified positions around them. However, when executing the function, I receive a generic error on line 49 of the function: '...forEach _unitArray; while _runCondition |#|do { private ["_direction", "_weapon"]; ...' Error Generic error in expression File functions\fn_randomAAFire.sqf [GKB_fnc_randomAAFire]..., line 49 Line 49 indeed matches up with the start of the function. Generic error in my case often means typo or syntax error. Function has compiled correctly, but doesn't seem to accept arguments. I guessed it would be the 3 AA units. But it does this with any unit. Anyone still on the forum who has used this, with a specific tip?
  16. This looks awesome! Would like to add, however, that the RHSUSAF and the ACE compatibility mods are not at all optional: the mission will not load (or load without player slots) on a server without these mods. Also, because there are several popular ACE RHS compatibility patches in Steam workshop, I'm linking the correct one here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773125288
  17. Hi, @Maxik. Welcome to the forums! Don't know know exactly what your Russian friend did. But the "move away, sound becomes quieter" effect is by using this this scripting command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound3D What have you tried to make the video stop, so far?
  18. Wow @ziptlytical. I did not know the game allowed this for setCaptive units. I learned something today! Thanks. Feel I need to give something back. Did some experimenting. Players do not need to be captive before using the action. And you can choose which part of the truck gets a trigger with the addaction. Here's a code you can add to your truck's init so it doesn't need a trigger spot and activates only when player is standing near the back: this addAction["Hide in truck", { player setCaptive true; player moveincargo truck1; player setcaptive true; }, nil, 1.5, true, false, "", "true", 5, false, "", "pos cargo" ]; Once player is inside the truck, he can stop being captive. So at the destination you can create a trigger with OnActivation "player setCaptive false;" or make an event handler in the player init such as this: this addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", { player setCaptive false; }]; -Which runs when player leaves (this case any) vehicle. Good luck with the mission!
  19. Melody_Mike

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Does the recent "removal" of wildlife have anything to do with finding dead bobcats on the runway?
  20. Melody_Mike

    [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"

    Oh. Interesting note that, about TPW. My first job was teaching English to foreigners, and doing translation work for companies. So I am pretty sure I can help with the language. PM me if you wish.
  21. Melody_Mike

    [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"

    Cool! A lot of detail making the base, the mansion, et cetera believable. All the soldiers are animated. So is the briefing. This is very complete as a singleplayer scenario! How did you add TPW modules to the mission without needing CBA 3 mod loaded? I played the mission without CBA. There were civilian ambient vehicles, but zero civilians on the island. Edit; I can help with grammar/spelling and reading some voice lines, if you want. Don't have good microphone, unfortunately. Looking forward to more of your work.
  22. Hiya everyone. Sorry if it seems n00bish, but when I load the Tanoa test mission in Eden editor, I get: Error when loading the scenario! There is no more information. The .rpt doesn't give any clues. I never play with mods. Anyone have an idea? Edit: strangely enough the mission plays fine when packed into a .pbo and hosted. Never had this before!
  23. Melody_Mike

    Simulating looking at someone else's map.

    Heya @LightningStrikesX, welcome to the forums :). You may want to take a look at an existing mod that does this:
  24. Melody_Mike


    Whoa. It feels like you've created Myst... in Arma. I would never. Not ever. Consider that combination. Where did you get the idea? I mean the inspiration for the theme of isolation isn't hard to fathom, but... the gameplay?
  25. Heya @IzKhalifa, welcome to the forums! If I understand correctly, you're getting duplicate addactions. Could you not give the laptops variable names, then have the script select one of them to add the action?