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  1. A lazy, less robust, solution would be to place a small (2x2x2m sized) trigger over the door, and split up your condition and action. Condition: "ar_things_key_chain" in items player; onActivation: building1 setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1",1,true]; Where you give your building variable name and pick a door. Remember to set the trigger to local.
  2. You can also solve it with an event handler, which may save performance every so slightly. player addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", { params ["_unit", "_staticWeapon"]; if (typeOf _staticWeapon == "B_UAV_01_F") then { _tskUAV setTaskState "Succeeded"; }; }]; See syntax examples Event Handlers and setTaskState. Note that I typed this on phone... Errors likely...
  3. Melody_Mike

    Countdown Script Help

    Hi there @laststanding6, welcome to the forums There's an existing scripting command that covers your needs: BIS_fnc_countdown . Take a look at and play with the examples, and you will find the solution. If you're completely new to programming, head on over to the Introduction to Scripting page. Have fun!
  4. Hey there, I am a bit confused on your use case. If you let the mortar be manned by AI, and use doArtilleryFire, then it will automate the aiming for you for (any) given target. This can be triggered by radio command, for instance.
  5. I like that the built up areas are very non-standard. Question: is it easy for vehicles and infantry to "meet"/shoot at each other in these spaces?
  6. Melody_Mike

    Disable Vehicle Panels

    I am not behind a computer, but this seems pretty straightforward to implement using the "getInMan" and "getOutMan" event handlers, in the initplayerlocal.sqf. See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetInMan
  7. Melody_Mike

    Script Blackfish Firing

    Thus forum has plenty of posts on this subject. Here's one: Tell us if you had to modify it to get it to work 🙂. Good luck!
  8. This particular script notices if the player has dropped their backpack, then gives them the option of creating a spawn point.
  9. Sure. There's several missions on the workshop that have this feature in various forms. I am copy+pasting one that user Leopard20 made. Create an initplayerlocal.sqf (see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts for details) in your mission folder and paste this: player addEventHandler ["Put", { params ["_unit", "_cont", "_item"]; if (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _item >> "isBackpack") == 1) then { if (_cont getVariable ["hasRespawnAction", false]) exitWith {}; _cont addAction ["Deploy Respawn",{[west, _this#0, "Camp"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;},nil,1.5,true,false,"","true",3,false,""]; _cont setVariable ["hasRespawnAction", true, true]; }; }];
  10. I'm not behind my PC, but I suspect @gc8 is correct. Line 14 in your code is: And I believe that classnames don't have spaces. Would explain why the game is reading "C". Another tip I would give for working with CfgORBAT is that the game gives very little feedback. Eg: if an image isn't correctly referenced, or has wrong formatting/dimensions, then the module will simply not load in the mission, instead of giving an error message. Same if you enter an unrecognized value in a parameter, such as color = "colorIND" , even though colorWEST is given as an example in the BIKI. Many examples like this. Just be prepared for a lot of trial an error.
  11. Wow! Thank you for the in-depth update. Am gobschmacked you learned Unity just for this project 😃. Web application or extension based? (I apologize if it was meant to be rhetorical) I would argue web for two reasons. First: Athena offers casual players a way in. My group has a single dad, who, if he manages to join, always picks the UAV soldier, and calls out targets to team mates with a beer in hand. Being able to join via tablet/smartphone would be great for him. Secondly, I would consider the average player in terms of internet usage. I don't have statistics. But Arma requires an internet connection for many reasons to enjoy. Multiplayer engagement, managing mods, online help for debugging. I don't expect many players will be left out for an online app. It does make me vaguely nervous that the app would be dependent on your external server (thinking of Armaholic) into the future. But regardless, I hope you choose the easiest path for yourself(!). I hope you keep finding energy for this. Because this is an *actual* extension of Arma!
  12. (NB looking a gift unicorn in the mouth) Is there a way of "exporting" the deformations as script commands, so that server is not required to run the mod?
  13. I recall that you're able to spawn trees and other 'vanilla' terrain objects with script commands. I was too lazy to learn the scripting. Instead I included things like streetlamps and trees in missions by using editor extension mods and then manually removing the dependency from mission.sqf with a text editor. But we have more options today. Perhaps placing a composition like this could spawn the tree: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2704659026 You could also script the creation of the trees by following this guide using createSimpleObject with damage disabled: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1570052786
  14. Melody_Mike

    Finding vanilla Sounds in Arma

    Hi @Ganvai84, welcome to the forums :). I can't tell how familiar you are with Arma scripting, how the game works under the hood, et cetera. If you want a complete list of all game sounds (as "config references", so you can directly refer to them in scripting without needing to extract the sound files), then this post answers your question: If you wish to both play the "standard" voice lines used in radio protocol, and mission lines, then you may be better off extracting the sound_F and campaign PBO's to find the references to specific lines. Good luck!
  15. Melody_Mike

    Addon Free Radio Script Help

    Hi @PlagueDoctorCat, welcome to the forums! Perhaps a bit lazy for me to say, but you are probably best off consulting with the author of the script, for help. Please keep a copy of your .RPT error file on hand to get more clues on what went wrong. Took a quick look at this folder. What you're trying to do, by analogy, is fit in a custom electronic gizmo into your existing customized (Mitsubishi Astra :D) car. I mean, this is easier to fix than a car, but does require knowhow and tools. My advice would be to get this script (which I've used) to first work on a blank mission, and test it with other players on a server, before trying to adding it to an existing mission. And to use a programming text editor (such as Notepad++, Sublime, Atom, whatever) with SQF syntax instead of ordinary Windows notepad. Good luck!
  16. Melody_Mike

    The Fall of Khe Sanh

    Air mission? COOP? Scripted? No extraneous mods to load on the server and players? Valuable stuff! A few questions of convenience for me: For how many players is this meant? Is there an assigned Zeus (to eg debug JIP players who miss scripted events or spawn points)? Approximately how long would you expect 4 players need to complete the mission? Looking forward to future endeavors, and perhaps willing to help with debugging.
  17. For starters: is there a reason you use an elaborate method of defining $spot$dir1 instead of getMissionPath? I will dive into catacaustics when I'm feeling more optimistic about my ability to surprise myself (eg: not at the end of the working week).
  18. (still wondering with what code you achieved this) (and what LMK is: a collaboration suite?) (and... to what end you are doing this. Although I admit that does not really matter)
  19. Melody_Mike

    VTOL Insertion issues

    player action ["Eject", vehicle player]; ^In a trigger onActivation field. Perhaps set "repeatable" just in case.
  20. Melody_Mike

    Zeus NVG Overlay

    Hiya So why does the "Spectator" not suit your needs? Because if not, then you can use camCreate and camUseNVG. But it might be a pain getting it to work exactly as you want to.
  21. Melody_Mike

    VTOL Insertion issues

    Good point: I remember being too lazy to learn to fly and instead scripting that players exit the plane and get placed in parachutes (forgot if I used a trigger or timed script). To justify this, I sped the VTOL up with setVelocity in the init, had it fly very low, and had the players eject very quickly after each other. This had the effect of making it look like high speed LALO static line jump. Just an idea.. Your other alternative is using the Key Frame Animation tools. But understanding that might take some effort, and even then my attempts have always resulted in objects swirling like orbiting planets.
  22. Melody_Mike

    FAST ATTACK: The Agitator

    PS. but I also noticed the automatic zoom-out whenever you checked your map. Which was repeatedly frustrating. However really the only critique.
  23. Melody_Mike

    FAST ATTACK: The Agitator

    Fun mission. The briefing is just as detailed as the regular missions in SOG. Especially liked the picture of the target. Intro was also fun. And yet the mission itself is very to the point. Quite difficult for 1 person to play alone, however. Looking forward to others!
  24. Melody_Mike

    VTOL Insertion issues

    @cooked auto If I understand correctly, this VTOL only has a single use before being deleted. Couldn't you use unitCapture/Play? I've used that for a coop mission with a paradrop using the Xi'an without issues.
  25. Melody_Mike

    Arma 3 ORBAT cannot load texture

    Perhaps a lazy question, but have you checked how exactly the image is referenced in the campaign files (eg copy+pasted the cfgORBAT from the mission inside the campaign PBO)? Side note: you can skip the image rip by directly referring to the image inside of A3 game files. Here I just refer to an icon: texture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\respawn_plane_ca.paa";