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    artillery barrage script

    Cool! I was reading through the script. It calls- fnc_FindPositionOnLand But there's no entry on the BIKI for it. Where did you find this function and how does it work 😄? Why this instead of BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?
  2. Melody_Mike

    IFA3[1-12]Territory Fight: Kuban-bridgehead

    Was this an attempt to recreate a kind of "Battlefield 1942" scenario? I don't think I could convince my playgroup to try this mission out, but I would hazard that it defenders would have a tremendous advantage. What player feedback did you get?
  3. Could you apply this 'hub' concept to connecting different servers? In ~2014, a developer managed to write an extension that would let you transition between terrains in Singleplayer in a single play session. Unfortunately, the site that hosted the mod (Armaholic) is offline, and I couldn't track down the showcase YouTube video, because Google makes it very difficult to search for videos more than a few years old. A counterpoint towards "forever storage" of the internet. But such tech has been used. There's also an old post by BI developer KillZoneKid where he explains a method of transferring seamlessly between servers: http://killzonekid.com/farewell-my-arma-friends/ I wonder if your 'instance' tech could simplify that. Many use cases to imagine. Like players running around in a large outdoor terrain of Altis, then transitioning to an underground "VR" or "Cytech" terrain in an 'instance'. Players could have their cake (expansive outdoor terrains) and eat it too (detailed indoor areas). I'm very excited to read more on this very large undertaking. And your explanations.
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    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon

    Then start a separate topic, explaining your exact aim and your problem clearly. We've polluted this mission thread enough...
  5. Melody_Mike

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon

    As I had answered in your (identical) private message before you posted this, if SteamCMD does not work, then you can manually find your downloaded workshop files ( = mission PBO's) in: Note that each of the workshop item folder names will be the URL number. Example: the Steam Workshop page for ACE3 is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463939057 So the folder name with the PBO will by default be in " C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\463939057 " .
  6. Couldn't you just set a texture, that is invisible (0 alpha value)? Either make a .paa, or a procedural texture. Or am I missing something?
  7. Melody_Mike

    JBOY Fly In Formation [Released]

    Thank you for the reply. I re-read my message, and must admit it wasn't very clear. Here's a sketch of what I mean: And I guess here's a sketch of code that might do it, to be pasted into initserver: // Get terrain dimensions private _axis = worldSize / 2; private _center = [_axis, _axis , 0]; private _radius = sqrt 2 * _axis; // Create marker _mrkcenter = createMarkerLocal ["MrkDuckCenter", _center]; “MrkDuckCenter” setMarkerShapeLocal “ELLIPSE”; "MrkDuckCenter" setMarkerSizeLocal [_axis, _axis]; "MrkDuckCenter" setMarkerDirLocal _theta; "MrkDuckCenter" setMarkerAlphaLocal 0; // Generate angle private _theta = random 360; // Convert to cartesian private _x = _radius * cos( _theta ); private _y = _radius * sin( _theta ); // Set marker position and direction "mrkDuckStart" setMarkerPos [ _x , _y ]; "mrkDuckStart" setMarkerDir ( _theta - 180 ); // Start script _dmy = ["seagull", getMarkerPos "mrkDuckStart", markerDir "mrkDuckStart", 300, 10, 25, 20] execvm "Scripts\JBOY_BirdFormation.sqf"; There's probably a mistake here. I will have to test this later on my machine. There's also no looping. Either I wrap it into a " [] spawn { while {true} do {} }" code block, or perhaps tie it with a https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#Deleted event handler for the birds. To be continued...
  8. Melody_Mike

    JBOY Fly In Formation [Released]

    Thank you for this. I am trying to set up ambient flybys of a formation of (bomber) planes, and I was getting rather stuck. This seems exactly what I wished for! Had a follow-up question: at the moment I am 'randomizing' it by setting up 4 different cases of starting positions and directions, and having the script pick one. Did you have any luck on making it properly random? I'm imagining generating positions on the edge of a circle marker, but not quite sure how to implement it.
  9. In more seriousness, I have many questions- This is going to read as critical, but please believe me that I am trying to understand. What would be the advantage of this setup over caching things that are outside the player's "bubble" on their own machine? Such as this effort: Although I suppose that with enough players (spread far over the grids), the above solution would become less effective, and the 'MMO' caching would scale better, yes? How does the parallel application and Intercept mod deal with all the physics aspects of the game? I'm thinking of the latency causing cluster bomb explosions and hilarious vehicle collisions and such. ...Again, however, so very cool!
  10. Melody_Mike

    Authority 20 player coop.

    I feel objectified.
  11. Melody_Mike

    (SOLVED) Carrier Respawn Help

    Cool. What was it? Sharing your fix might help the next person 😇
  12. Melody_Mike

    (SOLVED) Carrier Respawn Help

    Okay, I admit I am being very lazy by posting other people's stuff instead of testing solutions myself. But have you tried:
  13. Melody_Mike

    (SOLVED) Carrier Respawn Help

    Hello @thoodhun, welcome to the forums 🙂 I entered "carrier respawn" into the forums search function (and checked "ALL search terms"). This was the third result: Good luck !
  14. Melody_Mike

    New to scripting/ Medevac module

    Hi @Michael R., welcome to the forums =] Fun idea. It seems others have already started the party without you.. You could, for example, use the Hermes Airlift mod/script to control the helicopter transport, and also load the ACE3 mod, which allows you to carry wounded and place them into vehicles. I believe the Invade&Annex mission also has a scripted solution for carrying wounded. Happy hauling!
  15. Melody_Mike

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon

    You're right about steamworkshopdownloader.io no longer being available. Manually copying .pbo files from your Workshop folders after subscribing is totally inefficient. However, you can also manually download Steam workshop files with SteamCMD using your Steam login: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/3974924520876888570/ What is SteamCMD? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD
  16. Whoa! Will AI (waypoints) be able to traverse that?
  17. Melody_Mike

    Operation Exodus (COOP-04)

    Hi there @Armando Ramos Quintana. The mission seems to have a dead link to the Steam workshop. Any way to fix it? Would love to try out this Coop mission.
  18. You've made it possible to fly planes by mouse input with a script? That is awesome! What you've scripted here really is a function: code you use over and over again. And of course you can publish scripts on the Workshop. Basically you define your script file as a function, so it compiles automatically. Then pack it into a PBO, which you then publish to the Steam Workshop. Note: you define in the config.cpp instead of description.ext because you're making an addon instead of a mission. But they are very similar. TL;DR I think you are looking for this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Creating_an_Addon (PS you can also just un-PBO a mod and learn from that)
  19. I haven't seen that since the 90's!
  20. I believe with animateSource and animateSourcePhase. There are plenty of attempts to hand calculate artillery. This is one (I have not tested): If you look into fn_firemission.sqf, there's some explanation of how it calculates the 'firing solution'. There are other scripts, but often the download links are no longer valid. You can also choose to reverse-engineer this spreadsheet: Or use someone else's mod:
  21. Awesome stuff sir! @_foley Did the server or client FPS dip noticeably?
  22. Hi there @Jurika96, welcome to the forums! So if I understand correctly, you want to manually fire multiple artillery units at the same time? Of course, because each artillery/mortar is on a different spot, and none are sitting 100% flat, each needs its' own elevation and rotation. Easy way: If you want to fire several artillery shots at once, then I would recommend the Support Modules. See YouTube for a tutorial: Hard way: If you insist on the no artillery computer/no map clicking, then you can probably script something with animateSource and animateSourcePhase, where the other turrets copy the movement of yours. I'm not behind a PC, will look into it if I have time later.
  23. Admittedly I am getting somewhat off-topic. In various PVP games, such as the Halo and Battlefield series and Planetside 2, the design emphasizes spaces where vehicles and infantry interact, but neither dominate. Arma 3 shows this in Tanoa. The roads and paths do not end in neat loops and crossways, but have entrances to rainforests and hills. Conversely, buildings are spaced unevenly, and sight lines are often blocked from the larger entrances. This way players can sneak in easily from hills and forests, but (smaller) vehicles can also chase players somewhat. More exciting than driving to an area, parking the vehicle at the end of a base/neighborhood, and only walking. This is different to how real urban planning works: A road links places of interest, and either stops, or passes them. Roads are also made to be safe and efficient; eg flat and far removed from pedestrian walkways. Based on the screenshots, I'm just getting the impression that this is becoming a very beautiful(!) and realistic looking island. But maybe not an optimal space for gameplay with all of Arma's assets. Regardless of my unasked "feedback", this looks awesome, and I hope you keep at it and finish it however you wish!
  24. Yup; OP would have to manually place (copy+paste) the triggers. But that might be less work than figuring out the scripting. Not pretending this is the most elegant solution 😬..