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  1. Dropping the crate would be a plus but also a negative


    dropping would result in another stake out for the crate which in my opinion would maybe reduce exit campers but would make it easier for skilled killers to lure more players to the dropped crate without notice of the crate camper again.


    I believe if you grab the crate, you see yourself as a skilled enough player and you should have the added challenge of making it out alive while carrying.


    I think I’m skilled enough to grab many of crates and accept my fate either way.


    It should stay the way it is.

  2. I honestly cannot grasp the footsteps problem.


    I play with a duo headset, have adjusted my settings and can hear people pretty dang far away. Is this an issue for all players or a glitch for a few?


    Might just not be affecting me but I do believe the footsteps are quieter than before the update. But as I stated, I can hear them loud and clear from far away still.


    try using your mic for game sounds. I never have sound from my tv.

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  3. I have to disagree with the gameplay is close to fortnite...


    way way way different if you ask me.


    if you can shoot people jumping out of windows and off of rocks, you deserve the kill. The hit detection trying to do this is very difficult, I’ve tried quite a few times. Successful and unsuccessful... it’s pretty difficult honestly.

  4. You obviously have no clue what I am saying. This option would not make the game a pay to play...


    you can not buy materials! You have to have them in your inventory to upgrade.


    The quick finish is only to finish an upgrade to start another. That my friend is not a pay to win.


    glad you like the gamer tag. 👍

  5. 2 hours ago, Dustin Paul said:

    I personally think that would make the game too easy. Not knowing how many Outlanders are left adds to the realism of the game, and makes you think twice before picking up the crate or looting the Barred House!! 



  6. And that is what this game does. It is a very even playing field.


    there are many times I have the materials to start an upgrade and have to wait 3-4 hrs to get the 2 day upgrade began but can’t due to real life.


    it would be great to be able to spend 2-300 crowns to quick finish the 3-4 hour upgrade so that I do not miss the 14hrs due to work and sleep. That’s pretty much a 1/4 of the total time of the new upgrade.


    And the quick finish guns will allow players in different time zones the ability to build let’s say the 15 machine guns challenge in the 2hrs of game time before the reset. It currently takes me at least 2 days to complete that challenge due to my time zone being different from the devs.


    Which is why I suggested the challenge reset be integrated with different restart times for eastern and Western Hemisphere 

  7. You guys do know that when the game is fully complete, all of the shelter upgrades and what not will be reset right? This is not a complete game yet.


    And honestly, if you want to be a free gamer so be it. There are thousands of people that are willing to pay a little bit to keep a competitive status. And that is what the game devs want. They make games for profit, not enjoyment.

  8. I understand your opinion. But honestly  for the gamers that can not play hours upon hours, the ability to quick complete an upgrade before bed keeps us in the competitive game play.


    If food is going to be something worth while, then drop the ability to quick complete. Same as any other building.


    For a gamer like myself to lose 12hrs of upgrade time for not being able to stay up until 3am to start another upgrade sucks big time. Even if the generator is fully maxed. Lost time is lost time.


    The devs could certainly exclude whatever they deem necessary.


    And on top of this addition, it makes them more money to operate.

  9. I posted about this topic before but wanted to keep it fresh in the devs mindset...


    The option to use crowns to auto complete upgrades and gun production would be a huge plus for gamers like myself.


    The gamers that can not play more than 2 hours or so can not complete certain challenges before getting offline. (Local time zone challenge refresh timer would be great also)


    We would also benefit from being able to quick finish an upgrade to start a new upgrade before bed to obtain the time that we go to work towards our progress.

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  10. It works great as it is now. If you decide to pick up any and everything you can, you should be slower than someone with a half full rucksack.


    Common sense tells me that if we are all the same athletes and the same height and weight and I’m carrying half of the weight in my pack as you are, I’ll finish the race first.


    this concept makes you think what is absolutely necessary to leave the match with.


    Crate or no crate... That is the question 

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