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    Do they even respond to any of the forum or suggestions post? I don’t think I’ve seen a line... might be wrong though. just curious
  2. Cry2yourMoM

    Lack of posts

    Also, a few talking points or responses from the devs or moderator would help ensure the players stay up to date. glitchy game players need assurance that their concerns are being noted...
  3. Cry2yourMoM

    Lack of posts

    I think it is due to the drop for the new call of duty beta a week or so ago, the new battlefield update/map release and also the new wild lands that just dropped. also people are frustrated with the shooting hit recognition, multiple crashes (losing weapons, and crowns) and also the bush glitch. my friends won’t play until it is mostly fixed...
  4. Cry2yourMoM

    Map and bug fix drop

    Any updates on the new map and bug fix release date...? Map looks like it’ll be pretty nice. Hopefully not a Halloween drop...
  5. Cry2yourMoM


    An addition of grenade types would be worth pondering. Flash bang, stun or regular... flash bangs and stuns could be helpful in populated houses and regular grenades would just be beneficial. Especially for the damn glitch bush campers.
  6. Cry2yourMoM

    Nerf fall damage?

    Don’t sprint. Easy solution. Damage is way less. and jumping out of a second story window does hurt. Just FYI
  7. Cry2yourMoM

    Buff knife damage?

    Agreed. Knife damage is a no go. Anyone willing enough to go knife deserves a fair chance. 2 hit max, 1 knife in the back. At least... also, being able to knife a sniper would be a plus. I can’t knife someone kneeling, someone laying down is not an option. might be doing it wrong, but good grief...
  8. Cry2yourMoM

    Fix the damn bush

    Seriously. Fix the freaking glitch. About had enough of the bullshit.
  9. Cry2yourMoM

    Fix the damn bush

    It is ridiculous that it is not fixed. I’ve read forums, complaints and what not dated months ago. That my friend is absolutely ridiculous
  10. Cry2yourMoM

    Best places to find certain supplies in bulk?

    Gas - all over the military map in the trucks. Also any and all road blocks including the tunnel electronics - same places, usually in cars weapons and ammo - any and all crash sites wire - I get it everywhere, mostly garages and sheds - same as metal parts nails - garages and sheds glass - kitchens
  11. I personally will not buy crowns until the risk of losing said crowns during game drop is eliminated. I constantly lose crowns due to game drop. Easily around 300 crowns or more lost so far. A crown refund fix needs to be one of the devs top priorities honestly.
  12. Cry2yourMoM


    At least 2 signal towers on each map would be ideal. As of now, most players that spawn on signal towers camp the tower until the drop. If multiple towers were on the map, it would make camping tower locations more difficult and force players to expand into the maps. If that isn’t an option, signal tower use uses scavenged materials such as wire or gas. This will also reduce signal camping and force exploration.
  13. Cry2yourMoM


    Ok, then if the second tower would not be an option of choice by most players. Then the drop should not be dropped in the same location as the tower even if the comm is used. it is an unfair advantage to players that spawn entirely on the opposite side of the map whilst a player spawns directly of the tower and comms. that player must venture all the way to the opposite side of the map fighting and avoiding players while one person sits and waits.
  14. Cry2yourMoM

    Monthly/bi weekly duo challenge

    Hi ninja, Lol yes my wife would probably not like it either. I do think you are on the same page as myself. These additions would be beneficial to the company and to the players. The leaderboard as you stated, keeps everyone logging in as much as possible within a day to try and achieve the top. If the devs were to incorporate an extra point for every crate secure for every crate upgraded, it would encourage more crown spending/funding for the company.
  15. Cry2yourMoM


    I agree to an extent. That is why I suggested to make a second tower. You can choose to sit at one if you please but a second would help other players achieve their game tactics.
  16. Cry2yourMoM

    Things I'd like to see in the future!

    The attachments are most likely not going to happen. The devs stated that they wanted to keep the game as fair as possible for all players, new and experienced. making a weapon grip available at table 13 and not for table 1, would defeat their purpose.
  17. Monthly/bi weekly challenges or leaderboard. capture the most crates/barred houses or kills both duo and single for the month or bi weekly and receive crowns or crates. Say, 1,500 crowns for first, 500 for second, 100 for 3rd.
  18. Cry2yourMoM


    Clan goals... Be be competitive like apps. Max clan members like 10-20. All clans fight for top rank for crates, solo or duo. Top 50 clans duel it out on a “clan map only” over a course of a week. Top 10 clans get rewards/special gear.
  19. Cry2yourMoM


    A great way for your company to benefit from the in game currency. make trading available to friends for a minimal crown currency. Say 50 crowns for maybe 250 materials 40 goes to the company 10 goes to the player. Price varies for all the materials. another way but more complicated, in game market place. Same split. bump up cost of materials for shelter upgrades, slash prices for apparel. this is a fantastic game. Need to funnel funds to develop it further. cry