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  1. Cry2yourMoM

    The Power of the Wave

    Lol. Well you’re lucky. I shoot everyone.😇
  2. Cry2yourMoM

    Is it me...?

    Just seemed hit detection was tweaked a bit for 3rd person. Just seeing if anyone else though so too. I already started a thread about the hand in the feedback discussions.
  3. Cry2yourMoM

    Is it me...?

    Sorry wrong discussion. Should be in general.
  4. Cry2yourMoM

    Shooting for nothing

    How close are you to the target? If you are too close, the game automatically puts you in hand to hand combat which makes you punch with the butt of the gun instead of fire it. That could be your issue. my friend said his guns do the same as you stated from distance every once in a while.
  5. Cry2yourMoM

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    Just played a game where I crouched then jumped a fence and couldn’t crouch or lay down after that... church map
  6. Cry2yourMoM

    Weapon in shelter

    Upon death and equipping a new weapon, you have unlimited ammo not in the range.
  7. Cry2yourMoM

    Reticle Color Topic

    I agree. Custom reticles would be a big plus. 👍
  8. Cry2yourMoM


    If you don’t have a buddy to play with and you have a mic, shoot me a private message and I’ll game with you when I’m not in duo with my anyone else. Preferred 18 or older, crate players and killing outlanders. Cry2yourMoM is my gamer tag. Figure I could also help out with newer players obtain crates and loot. Just hit me up.
  9. Cry2yourMoM


    What the heck do you guys think the food is going to be used for in up coming updates...? it can’t just be for a leaderboard. I am thinking possibly a trader of some sorts? 1,000 food for 250 metal parts, etc...
  10. Cry2yourMoM


    I log in everyday to only have 6 hrs to complete my challenges. I play for maybe 3 hrs. I would like to not have to do my challenges in 3 hrs. Please make it possible to use each players own time zone as the 24hr counter. also, I would like the option to buy a certain objective after completing my objectives for the day. 10 crowns for a random kill objective, 50 crowns for a random crate objective, etc... these bought objectives would have different loot than the normal objectives.
  11. Cry2yourMoM


    It wouldn’t have to be for each players time zone. Mostly it would have to be for Eastern and Western Hemisphere. the cash grab concept wouldn’t come into play really. It just gives players the option of trying to complete challenges to keep them more intrigued and playing longer. the reason it wouldn’t come into play is because once you get to where your stuff is almost upgraded, there really is no point in trying to loot due to loot not needed... if I had the option of purchasing a random loot challenge, I’d go looting for example.
  12. Cry2yourMoM

    Left hand

    In first person on multiple guns, the hand is configured to a long barrel. The fingers are in the way of the sights.
  13. Cry2yourMoM

    Left hand

    just checked 5 guns. All have hand in sights. Shotguns, subs and rifles. No pistols yet
  14. Cry2yourMoM

    Left hand

    This needs immediate fix
  15. Cry2yourMoM


    I usually get 2-4 kills a game
  16. Cry2yourMoM

    Sharing Loot While Playing Squad

    You can exchange items inside of the safes and exchange weapons in down outlander boxes.
  17. Cry2yourMoM

    Poor game updates may cause game to die 1.1

    Totally disagree Savage. the new players get overwhelmed with objectives upon starting the game which gets them well on their way. also with the new added objectives, they have added a few that gives pretty decent crowns. so anyone starting out can easily kill other players upon spending 15 mins in the shooting range. It is very beginner friendly actually.
  18. Cry2yourMoM

    Lack of posts

    Honestly, with the bugs and what not... it’s still a good game. find a buddy and play. Loot the crate, kill or be killed trying. Strategy is what makes it fun. Even more so with the added weight consequences. Makes you pick and choose what to carry and bring home. I personally like becoming the threat... all in all, this is a very good “b” game as it stands.
  19. Cry2yourMoM

    Scrap bin

    Possibly the customization feature that says “coming soon” will require maxed lvl to customize. I am sure the added feature will require anything you want to customize be fully maxed out. that’s what I would do. So I’ll keep upgrading everything.
  20. Cry2yourMoM

    Signal not showing players?

    Maybe you should look at the signal next time. Perhaps your buddy over looked the players on the map. all signal detector looks I have seen are accurate.
  21. Cry2yourMoM

    Crawl and aim

    It would be nice to be able to crawl while aiming down sites. Maybe just third person due to the graphics needed for first person. I would gladly switch in and out of third person to obtain this action. I would even take an accuracy depreciation to be able to drop, crawl and shoot in third person.
  22. Cry2yourMoM


    Seems to automatically pop up the photo upon scrolling through killed outlander boxes. (If I have not previously viewed it) please make it to where an action button is required to view the photo. Happened 2 or 3 times to me tonight while looting quickly through boxes during shootouts.
  23. Cry2yourMoM

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    Forced stand at crate... happens every once in a while. Might be certain drop areas.
  24. Cry2yourMoM

    Box drop in bush

    Ok so, had it happen a few times and it is very frustrating. kill a player, box drops in a bush, move all around the bush to make the x symbol available for looting for 2 mins... Radiations coming... back up, aim at it, crouch, crawl, move everywhere and it will finally pop up. Literally could get shot 50 times... this is needs to be looked into.
  25. Cry2yourMoM

    Cant kneel at crate

    I’m having the same issue after the update. Happened 2 times last night out of 5 crates... I can not recall any other time prior, out of many crates obtained.