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  1. agreed, works like a champ in nearly everything except arma, and I can't seem to put a finger on why. it's annoying as hell. tried downclocking ram to 2933mhz, will see if it crashes as quickly again
  2. odd, I was 99% positive I pulled this ram off of the compatible list for the motherboard, but, again, the only oddity I'm having is with ARMA3, no other games (which tax the system much harder) have had any issues at all... I'm sure I could turn XMP off or manually clock it down to 3200, but, I don't have extra ram laying around, and, this system's been running like a champ for several months (built it at tax time this year), and gaming regularly on it. I haven't played A3 in quite some time because I'm not all that fond of running around in multiplayer by myself, and my friends/coworkers weren't playing A3 at the time (most of us were playing wildlands, 7 days to die, or one of the assassin's creed games). I can try de-clocking the ram, but, I feel like that's counterproductive to overall performance of the system...
  3. ok, I was sent over here from the Steam ARMA3 forums....Hopefully I can get some help solving this oddity... I've had over 15 crashes in the last hour (program just closes and poof back to desktop), I've been playing Contact (just bought it), but, was suffering similar issues on a WWII mod Exile Server over the last couple of days. I've checked VRAM usage (with absolutely everything turned all of the way up, at 4K, it was only using a hair over 4gb of the available 8gb) gpu temps (staying in the low 60's, not even spinning up the fans) cpu temps (staying in the mid 60s) cpu load (never getting above 50% that I've noticed) gpu load (mid 40% range?) GPU drivers are current, all other drivers are current as well, no device manager conflicts, nothing of the sort. nothing makes sense, according to everything I can see, even with everything cranked all the way it's not taxing the system, yet it's crashing constantly. hardware spec: --------------------- CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X (w/stock cooler and stock clock) RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 Motherboard: ASRock x470 Taichi OS Drive: Corsair P1 500GB M.2 NVMe Storage Drive: Toshiba X300 6TB 7200RPM GPU: EVGA RTX2070 XC Ultra Black Monitor: (4K TV or 1080P TV, issue exists on both, though, turning the resolution down from 4K to 1080 reduced frequency of crashes from the point where I couldn't get through the intro on the first mission (would crash every time I picked up and tried to use the signal jammer) to crashing every 20 or so minutes) Win10 64 Bit Pro, completely updated Mouse and Headset are Corsair, so, iCUE is running in the background, keyboard is an original (red back lit) logitech G15 keyboard (so Logitech Gaming Software is running in the background)