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  1. Hi! I'm trying to find a way to insert an ogg video in my mission like in Arma 3 campaign. I have a several problems with BIS_fnc_playvideo (or similar command, sorry). One of them and the most important is that i don't know how to pause the multiplayer game while the video is playing. Have you got any suggestions? Wish you all the best, gerFid
  2. Hello everyone! I'm trying to find some mod in the Internet and I have no idea where I can search it. https://imgur.com/VJkrqcz Int that piture you can see a "CODE:1111" sign. Laser icon near it shows us if the laser with the ame code is switched on. Please, help me if you know that mod! Thank you, gerFid
  3. Nope! The solution was Ace and RHS compatibility.
  4. Thank you for answer! I have already tried to use ACE3, but I can't see that icon.
  5. gerFid

    BSOD when launcing Arma 3

    I have already solverd the problem. When I launch steam sa admin, I can play game.
  6. Hi, I have blue screen of death, when I'm clicking launch on Arma 3 launcher. I have PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error. It caused by BEDaisy.sys. I have already tried: -reinstalling Arma -reinstalling Win 10 -updating drivers thank you in advance, gerFid