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    I have been playing this game for a while now, this was a great change to the ‘main stream games’ . The only problem I’m facing is that I am almost done with everything I can do in this game. I love this game but I don’t know how long I will be able to continue, I only have a few upgrades left and there are no other incentives to continue. Here are a few of my ideas of how you could improve the game. I’ve collected these over my time playing. Negatives 1. Crafting fast lags you out to the home screen. 2. Can’t trade or drop loot, you can only destroy it. 3. Melee weapons need a bigger hit radius, 9/10 you will miss. 4. No incentive for collecting food except being on the leader board. 5. What do you do after you finish all of your upgrades.(maybe you could get a new skin or emote, not enough incentive) Improvements 1. 3-4 player, we wouldn’t need bigger maps to get there. There are stairs blocked off in houses, open then up and that alone would add Up to a lot more loot. 2. Bigger stacks, let items stack more so you don’t have to delete all the parts you found if you want resources and vise versa. 3. Upgrades, in your shelter there are paths near the garden that you can not go to, if you opened one up you could add another building or area you could upgrade. 4. Maps, only some maps are even worth the time, there needs to be more spots and things to loot (I’m my opinion only only Grontheim valley, fiske fabrikk and viktorsen station are worth the time) 5. lagging out, have a option to report the glitch if you get kicked out to the home screen. There are plenty more things you could do but alto of people have covered them, I want to end this by saying I love this game and I want to see the best version it could be, you guys are very consistent with the updates and above all #VigorIsKing