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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/oOo-KVLT-oOo/video/84411878-307b-4aab-bcfc-699fd664adf0/d1adc8aa-0a31-4407-90f2-7e9b54b0347c
  2. oOo KVLT oOo

    How to Upload Links of Your XB1 Captures to this Forum

    There’s also an app for iOS and droid devices
  3. oOo KVLT oOo

    communes & sharing

    Fully agree with some sort of share/send/drop to teammates from your crafting/unequipped inventory menu.
  4. oOo KVLT oOo

    Bush shield

    It might not be all bushes. What map was it? The station or forest? i think my lady used the bush as a shield basically on the fiske fabrikk map. Idk if it’s the bush or the angle shooting straight down that is bugged. Like the one exit to camp at the top of the ladder... the camper couldn’t hit us till we were all the way up to peek over the ledge. So one person was safe until topping the ladder or approaching the ladder from the forest.
  5. oOo KVLT oOo


    I’ve still been able to shoot a prone player at distance with the m21 but I was watching for the one holding the package. So I saw him go prone in the bush and the silhouette was visible but only while scoped in. Bushes are a little bit OP. So I have to be he who watches instead of he who is watched.
  6. oOo KVLT oOo


    Is there a chance we could make the swap challenges function to be activated by holding the A button instead of tapping A??? ive accidentally swapped a few times and my heart just sank. Thanks in advance.
  7. oOo KVLT oOo


    Searching for it now. Thanks for making it official. My lady and I are hooked for sure.
  8. oOo KVLT oOo

    Shit Game

    Enjoying it myself here. It’s not easy and steep learning curve.
  9. oOo KVLT oOo

    How do I use consumable items?

    I guess it’s LB. idk why I was trying to hold a dpad direction like playerunknown’s. I did accidentally wave and shout hello... an emote twice in a cavern. Worked well as bait for one player then I hightailed it outta there.
  10. oOo KVLT oOo

    How do I use consumable items?

    I’ve collected antibiotics and other items in battle and need to heal from a gunfight.. how do I use the healing items? has the use of consumables not yet been added?? any help is appreciated for this super noob.