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    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Pyrit when can we expect the next round of changes to appear? Will they come on a monthly basis as they have in the past? So -- November maybe will be our next change?
  2. Robby Lee

    New Connection Issues

    I have played this game for about a month now. I was cool with the occasional disconnects (to some extent), bush camping, glitches -- I was still willing to play. But a friend and I played duos for about 3 hours tonight and we dropped 5 times in that time period. THIS is something that will push me away for a while if it continues.
  3. Robby Lee

    Servers consistently crashing!

    I have crashed four times today. I rarely crashed before the last update. Love a lot of the changes, but this is getting really annoying...
  4. Robby Lee

    Today's update

    It appears the challenge rewards are far more generous on crowns now (saw a screenshot -- collect 5 airdrops, get 225 crowns). I'm fine with having to work for the crowns. I personally always thought it was strange we even had the ability to passively generate in came currency. I'm really looking forward to all the changes I've seen. I still think they should implement a change where you can't loot your teammate's body if you kill them; however, this current patch should go a long ways for the toxic incentive related to challenge kills.
  5. Other changes that need to occur: -To decrease toxic duos matches -- eliminate the ability for team killers to get marks on their "kill other outlanders" challenges AND remove the ability to loot a teammate if you killed them (this is in CoD Blackout, and does a lot to keep teamkilling down). This also keeps crown spending down in random duos. -Decrease the cost of upgrading matches. Make it 5 crowns for a loot upgrade and 15 crowns for a crate update -- and people will go wild with it every match. It's more important to develop a dependency and habit out of crown spending (volume) than to make a nice profit from one game where people upgrade a few times (margin). All the business schools in the world preach volume trumps margin.
  6. My first impression of the crowns production nerf is that Bohemia management saw no one was buying crowns for the game. So they went to the dev team and probably blamed them for the in game crown production structure. My guess is no one thought to ask the economic question, "Why is no one buying?" Which is obviously -- because we have no confidence that those crowns can be reliably spent when we want to use them (due to the crashing issue). This game has 1-2 weeks. If the crashing and hit recognition isn't fixed, it'll be one of those games we all talk about how we loved the potential, but the developers didn't move quickly enough or prioritize the right items early enough. I really love Vigor -- I've gotten 4 friends to start playing it with me. But if this stuff isn't fixed, several other games that come out in the next few weeks will eclipse it and meet our needs for survival/RPG/BR. I'll still be around -- but my friends won't. i'm sure that's not a unique case.
  7. As a duo, you should have the option to cancel the fact that your teammate is a threat. For instance, if I'm playing with a friend, and I step into their line of fire and die -- I'm don't think they should be considered a threat. An easy way to solve this would be to have a "Press Y" prompt on the spectating screen to cancel the threat indicator for your duos partner. I don't see how this could be abused -- and it still maintains the punishment for team killing UNLESS the victim cancels it after the fact.
  8. Robby Lee

    A robust list of suggestions from a seasoned gamer.

    Traps would be cool. Don't need to be lethal even -- just a bear trap that maybe drops 10% health and makes you hold X for 5 seconds to get out. I like the idea of an alarm like cans or something. It would be nice to visit a friend's shelter if only to go up to a sharing box where they can put items or gear in there to share. We also need the ability to drop items for friends in duos matches. As it stands now, if you play random duos and your partner accidentally snags both drops, he can't hand them off without death. Kill creates incentive to team kill. Maybe this exists and I just haven't found it -- but some good taunt emotes would be nice. I really enjoy messing with people standing in houses or bushes and just going "Hey!" lol
  9. Robby Lee

    Colorblind Settings

    Most games already do this -- it would be a pretty easy fix. I'm red-green colorblind, some people call that "fully colorblind." Here is a list of things that have been a little difficult for me since I've played this game: -Signal Detector cooldown indicator is red or green. That's basically the same color to me. [Fix: colorblind settings could just make it a red vs blue/yellow indicator] -Signal Detector on-map indicators of other players are red and typically on green parts of the map. This makes most players virtually impossible to see. It's so bad, when I play duos, my buddies always hit the detector instead of wasting our time having me squint at the map for an eternity. [Fix: CB settings could just make the red player markers into bright yellow, blue, or black] -Barred House, Signal Detector, Comms Station on map symbols are often very hard to see -- especially on the snowy maps. [Fix: Just make them black, blue, or yellow] Thanks developers. Hope you're able to make this small change.
  10. Robby Lee

    Colorblind Settings

    Thanks! That's actually a big help.
  11. Robby Lee

    Server optimization

    I love this game. It has issues, but damn it's a great game. Looking forward to the upcoming fixes.