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  1. Thanks a lot for the quick and really helpful answers, im sure this will do the trick! Its a great mod/script you have going here, hope to see even more features in the future! Regards Burkal
  2. Did some testing and it does look like Ace could be the issue. Im getting the issue the most if you are more peolpe than ropes. In RHS UH-60 it has 6 ropes when i have 8 units in there, and they all try and go down the same time, so two of them are on top of each other, and if the top one hits the one below, its like he hits ground and lets go of the rope, and falls the rest of the way. Is there a way to have all players be able to go into a parked heli and request a drop and then in the field its only a certain few that gets to call in an airlift/supplies/cas? This is meant for SQL's so not every normal soldier can do it. If i sync them to the logic using the script version they can all do both.
  3. Seems i got it to work, did on mod at a time with the same mission loaded up each time, and now i dont have the issue anymore, nor can i get it evenn if i try with the same mission and same mods, so not entirely sure what i did the first time around. One issue that remains is that my player seems to bug out on the rope and lets go before his on the ground, which makes him get injured or passed out (Ace). Is this a known issue or?
  4. A few things, we are using Ace and its the scripted version of your mod. So far I have tried with vanilla MH-6 and Ghosthawk, have also tried RHS UH-60 all with the same issue. Units are beeing named unit1 etc and heli's named heli1 etc. They are all synched to a logic named RYD_HAS_BASE.
  5. Hi, im getting this error when i try and use the fastrope landing, every thing else seems to be working just fine, anyone have an idea of whats wrong? Tried on several helicopters so far. Error: '...wer (typeof _heli)) isEqualTo (ToLower (l#ltypeOf (_x select 0)))) exitWith( _anim...' Error TypeOf: Type Group, expected Objects