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  1. Pigeon's Military Company is looking for new members to join our community Pigeon's Military Company is a currently small community of players who play Arma 3, mostly ZEUS operations, though without the MILSIM ranks excetera. We are looking for players who don't mind playing with a 100% serious frame of mind. We like to have fun and be silly most of the time, though during actual operations things lean more towards the serious side of things. As mentioned above we don't have a ranking system in the typical sense. The only ranks you'll be seeing is members authorised to act as squad leaders, ground command (once we grow bigger) and to basically admin the community as a moderator / admin. The only requirements to join is to speak English, understand how to use ACE and Task Force Radio (if you don't know, we can teach you) and be able to attend missions (you are not required to attend EVERY mission, though if you don't show up for weeks without a word we'll try to contact you before removing you). What mods do we use? Right now we have a small mod list, only consisting of 8 to 10 mods. We believe that people should be able to hop on and play Arma without having to wait to download 50gb - 100gb worth of mods. We try our best to use vanilla units for now, though in the future we may implement more mods as ideas begin to run dry and the community grows larger. Our squad system Pigeon's Military Company is essentially a private military company, run by Pigeon (hence the name). We have a squad system that promotes cooperation between members from the same country. Right now we have a high presence of members from the UK and Finland, and so we have two squads currently set up for those members. As members from countries join and get a significant number of members from said country, we consider forming a squad based around that nation. e.g. a french speaking squad could be formed if enough members speak french and desire their own seperate squad to speak their language, this squad would be called Légion Française with their squad leader being able to speak both English and French in order to communicate with high command and other squad leaders during missions. Current Squads UK Brigade: People from the UK, or people from other countries which do not have enough members from said country to form a new squad yet. MUST speak English. Suomen Prikaati: People from FINLAND. The second highest population of the community right now is from finland, and so the second squad is composed of Finnish speaking members. MUST speak Finnish. Contact details As the unit is small right now, we only use a DISCORD server to communicate and discuss missions. When we do a mission we set up a temporary teamspeak server for the mods to work. If you are interested in joining, or have any questions about the unit and what we plan to do in the future. Feel free to contact me via PM or join the discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/CRrB36j