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  1. @wogz187 @Maff I finally got it to work, thanks guys! I'm pretty certain I can figure out how to add waypoint expressions on there on my own to make it to where they can still rappel down instead of having to switch to landing. Goodnight the both of you!
  2. @wogz187 Thanks, I removed the pilot and copilot's names and used the string but it still just hovers there. The only thing I changed this time was marker names to the ones I used and it accepted it and let me save it into the trigges ON ACTIVATION init. The code as is. exactly how it is in the editor. The only thing that still has a name are the markers and the helicopter itself. Named H1 heliGroup= group Heli1d; randomPoint= selectRandom ["Marker1", "Marker2", "Marker3", "Marker4"]; _wp = heliGroup addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "randomPoint", 0]; _wp setwaypointtype "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; heliGroup setBehaviour "Aware";
  3. Got myself a new baby boy and enjoying life.

  4. @wogz187 Don't apologies, you're helping me even though you didn't have to go any farther than providing the script in the first place, and I really appreciate it. I do still seem to have an issue though. I dont thing I'm doing something right at this point because the helicopter now just stays still in the air with this error. '... "Marker4"]; Insertion = heliGroup |#|addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "randomPoint",...' Error Generic error in expression
  5. @wogz187 Sorry it took me a while. other things I had to do in life. I put the script in ON ACTIVATION on the trigger and kept getting some errors as I changed some things up, I guessed that _wp is the variable I named the waypoint I want to randomize? and some other things like the group up beside heliGroup =. I dont know a solution for this error though. This is the error I get now. call{heliGroup= H! |#| H1A; randomPoint= selectRandom ["Marker...' Error Missing ; This is the updated version with some changes. please let me know if I screwed some things up. heliGroup= H1 H1A; randomPoint= selectRandom ["Marker1", "Marker2", "Marker3", "Marker4"]; // array of named markers Insertion = heliGroup addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "randomPoint", 0]; Insertion setwaypointtype "MOVE"; Insertion setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; heliGroup setBehaviour "Aware";
  6. @wogz187 Sorry, was feeding my baby. group name as in my team? If that's the case its Independant. Yes the first waypoint is editor placed
  7. @wogz187 Just at mission start, I have a heli already in there air with a waypoint to the center of the map, I'm trying to get the second move waypoint be randomized once it reaches the first move waypoint so the helicopter goes to the center of the map then to a random position. Ive already got the markers out to the spots I want and already have them synced to the waypoint I want random. I assumed by array you mean synced like some other random spawned stuff I managed to get working without scripts. Heli Variable (Heli1) Pilot Variable (Heli1A) Marker Variables (Point1, Point2, etc.) I dont know if giving you the variables would be useful
  8. Thanks, This is my first creation with absolutely no experience with Arma scripting. I'll figure out where it goes and all that technical stuff.
  9. I've been working on a mission for a while now and have the basic setup and AI all together. I decided to change up the way it does insertions though but cannot figure out how to get a helicopter to have a move way point randomly placed across marked points on the map. Currently I have a helicopter (Heli1) go to a move way point and rappel troops down onto and invisible heli pad (RappelP) and fly off deleting itself on a trigger in the distance and it works great. My issue is that my mission works with a lot of randomly placed structures and loot with random spawn locations for the opposing team and items that do not start in a helicopter. I think its pretty lame to have everyone else randomly spawn but for one side to always have to be dropped in the same place.