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    WW2 Hungarian Armed Forces [WIP]

    Small Status update #1 First of all, thanks for nearly 400 downloads within 5 days! At the moment, the mod is more like a preview, but me and Oxi are working on a lot of things that will be part of future updates. Here is a little sneak-peak for you: Hungarist Armband (WIP) Toldi Turret (WIP) Expect more in the coming days. Have a fine weak and stay healthy! - Schraxt
  2. Hello, I am currently working on a mod. For this mod I wanted to add some already existing vehicles into a new faction. Therefore I used the ALiVE ORBAT tool, but I don't know if it's that important. After adding them and packing my mod into a .pbo file, I loaded the mod and its dependencies and placed down everything in 3den Editor. But something strange happened: (I screenshottet the bug and the error message) The cannons and the plane were "shooting", the muzzle flash was shown like it was a part of the object, and I wasn't able to shoot anymore! I deleted both vehicles from the files and added a stug III. There was no muzzle flash bug, but the errors above and only the drivers seat was avaiable, the gunner seat was not accessable. Can someone help me?
  3. BeastHunter

    Strange Vehicle Behaviour

    class CBA_Extended_EventHandlers_base; class CfgVehicles { class LIB_StuG_III_G; class LIB_StuG_III_G_OCimport_01 : LIB_StuG_III_G { scope = 0; class EventHandlers; class Turrets; }; class LIB_StuG_III_G_OCimport_02 : LIB_StuG_III_G_OCimport_01 { class EventHandlers; class Turrets : Turrets { class MainTurret; }; }; class B_BHUN_STUG_III_01 : LIB_StuG_III_G_OCimport_02 { author = "AoFA | Schraxt"; scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; displayName = "STUG III"; side = 1; faction = "B_HUN"; crew = "B_HUN_Tanker_01"; class Turrets : Turrets { class MainTurret : MainTurret { gunnerType = "B_HUN_Tanker_Headphones_01"; }; }; class EventHandlers : EventHandlers { class CBA_Extended_EventHandlers : CBA_Extended_EventHandlers_base {}; class ALiVE_orbatCreator { init = "if (local (_this select 0)) then {_onSpawn = {sleep 0.3; _unit = _this select 0;_unit setObjectTextureGlobal [0,'\WW2\Assets_t\Vehicles\Tanks_t\IF_StuG_III_G\Main_w_co.paa'];_unit setObjectTextureGlobal [1,'\WW2\Assets_t\Vehicles\Tanks_t\IF_StuG_III_G\Misc_w_co.paa'];_unit setObjectTextureGlobal [2,'\WW2\Assets_t\Vehicles\Tanks_t\IF_StuG_III_G\Wheels_w_co.paa'];};_this spawn _onSpawn;(_this select 0) addMPEventHandler ['MPRespawn', _onSpawn];};"; }; }; // custom attributes (do not delete) ALiVE_orbatCreator_owned = 1; ALiVE_orbatCreator_texture = "winter"; }; }; That's the code. I tryed to add it as an own .pbo, but there was the same mistake. It's the tank's code.
  4. Impressions from my new WW2 Hungarian Armed Forces Mod. Mods used: WW2 Hungarian Armed Forces, Forgotten Fronts, Faces of War, CSA 38
  5. Attack by Soviet troops on German positions in early 1943. German armored forces approach the front line under heavy fire from artillery and Soviet aircraft to force the Red Army to retreat. Meanwhile the Germans suffer heavy losses tryng to hold the line in a Last Stand. Addons used: Fogotten Fronts, Northern Fronts, IFA3_AiO_Lite, POLPOX Artwork Supporter, ZSL Static Poses [WW2], Flying Legends, Secret Weapons, Arma 3 FXP, Blastcore edited (Standalone), Faces of War, LEN - Weapons pack for IFA3 LITE
  6. Hmm wasn't there something like a livonia Update mentioned before? If yes, how is it going? Will we see it soon? And will you replace everything (lightning, clutter, ground textures, bushes, trees, rocks) or just certain things? Please replace the ground textures... Thanks for your wonderful work. Stay healthy and wash your hands!
  7. BeastHunter

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @TheCr8rMaker Ok, that's really funny because I am working at exactly this at the moment :D
  8. Mods used: Northern Fronts, Northern Fronts Terrains, Forgotten Fronts, Crossroads Bocage, Rismarcks WW2 Pose Pack, ZSL Static Poses [WW2], IFA3_AiO_Lite, Faces of War, GEIST A3 Lite, Polpox Artwork Supporter + Core Files, Bullet Casings
  9. BeastHunter

    [WIP] Terrain - Corran, Scotland

    Hmm you could either make two versions or ask someone to retexture cup buildings or create own buildings. I mean I know what a huge amount of work modding is and so on, but imagine a good scotland map with custom buildings... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88750 You could ask for permission and try to convert this to Arma 3 or look for free 3d models. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962932583 This pack is free and small and the houses look at least a bit better than CUP. And there's also Arma 3 Custom Buildings Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539126468 And those ones: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186370158 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=671539540 (the white houses could look a bit like victorian houses with some good mapbuilding) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1627465549 Ok maybe not all of them are that great but ... yeah.
  10. BeastHunter

    [WIP] Terrain - Corran, Scotland

    Looks good so far! Maybe I wouldn't use old CUP buildings where you can use Enoch or Apex assets. Keep on good work!
  11. BeastHunter

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Great thanks for the Update! The Gold Beach Map is epic, but I think you can still improve it. First of all, there are some flying czech hedgehogs left side of the City at the western map border. (I don't know if it's the right place to report this) That's a picture from reallife Gold Beach. You can see that there are rocks/cliffs, but on the map, there's plain dirt. Some rocks or at least a rock texture would be nice. Also you could use more of the livonia/vanilla textures. Especially for the dirt road, the meadows and maybe the beach. You could also replace the Cup barracks with Livonia barracks that look "more german" (I'm german) and add wheat fields and hedges. Absolutely epic would be either retextures or completely new house models, because the Iron Front buildings don't fit that well into the map (because of the textures). but yes, I know it's a huge amount of work and nothing of this is meant as a "rule" or something like that, only the ideas of a fan who loves your new map! Great Thanks therefore! Keep up the good work!
  12. BeastHunter

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Sounds good! I heard that FOW is death, but obviously it isn't. Is this patch the update you talked about or do we have to expect something bigger? I really love Faces of War. Are you planning adding more stuff in future updates? A Sicily Terrain or a Tanoa WW2 would be massive, but I know, modding takes a lot of time and is a huge amount of work. Is this mod related to Forgotten Fronts in any way?
  13. I really like Vidda, but the Greek-style houses are a big immersion breaker. Ok, the time you made it, Livonia wasn't even announced. But for a future update, some livonia forests and vegetation and also Livonia houses, especially this houses: would be awesome. But for now, I'm really hyped for RHSKATYA. Hope it will be released soon! Cheers Schraxt
  14. Wow, ... just wow! The new update is just incredibly beautiful and could be from BI itself! Ok, there are small satmap issues, but with some work, this is gonna be perfect! Yes, there are things that could be better, but no, nothing we can expect from a modding team that works on it at it's free time. Sure, it would break the chains of the previously known if each house got remodelled with 4k textures, full enterable, and so on, but that's nothing we could ever demand. But one thing that would be nice: There are some areas that look like wheat fields from above, but if you zoom in, there's "only" that dirt ground. Wheat fields like at livonia would be massive. Cheers Schraxt
  15. The now following might sound harsh, but it's meant in a respectful way. I love your mod. WW1 is on of the most interesting time periods in European History and I am very happy that there's such a good mod. Thanks for your work. There's just a small point at the Ypres 1917 Map. It would be absolutely massive if the sandbag textures got reworked or maybe the models. But beside that, I love your mod! Thanks for your work! And, who knows, maybe an Eastern Front Map one day? That's when the Dead gonna march again... And something I suggest each modder just to take a look at: https://www.cgbookcase.com/textures/ Dozens of royality free high quality textures with rvmat etc. Worth to take a look at. Cheers Schraxt Edit: You could also take a look at this: https://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918 Maybe it's helpful?
  16. Finnish Rifleman at Tali-Ihantala Russian Liberation Army Rifleman German Soldiers in France German Paratroopers at Crete Mods used: Forgotten Fronts, IFA3_AIO_LITE, CUP Terrains Core, Northern Fronts Terrains, Northern Fronts, CSA38, Crossroads Bocage, GEIST A3 Lite
  17. Love the new map! Ok, some improvements may have to be done, but I love it!
  18. BeastHunter

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A WW2 all-in-one mod, with high-quality textures etc. that combines Northern Fronts, IFA3_Lite, FOW, GEIST A3, L44 and so on
  19. Some launcher names disappeared after the last update
  20. @-ben- Ok, thank for all your request. I am really sorry if my ... "product", my suggestion/question sounded rude and presumptuous. I think a problem is, that german (my mothertongue) and english are similar but not identical in the linguistic application, so for an english-speaking person, it may sound way presumtuoser oder more rude than for a german person, so I am really sorry for the way I said it. I can speak english good, but I am way not perfect. So let us forget what happened. Thanks.
  21. First, I very like CUP terrains as it brings a lot interesting "Old School" terrains to Arma 3. The main work might be done, so I have a suggestion for the future. It would be abolutely massive if you would replace oll the old low-res textures with 2k textures. Because the main problem with CUP are the Old textures, in CUP Terrains, Vehicles, Weapons, Units etc. I know it would be a huge amount of work, but the old textures look unsightly in Arma, I mean all the Terrains, especially the european style terrains, partially look completely different (in a bad way) than they're counterparts in Arma 2, Arma 1 and OFP. The Light engine is quite different, they dont really fit together with vanilla buildings and... I guess you know what I mean. There are many community members who see this exactly like me. I dont wanna be nasty, I do not want to upset your work. I know this would increase the filesize, but you cold simply remove all Buildings that came with Contact and replace them, whats possible by the way, it wouldn't be that much work for the begin, and you wouldn't have retexture the buildings. There is also a mod in that operates that way, maybe you could merge your projects? Just contact them! I mean, this is a community! Here's a link down below: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/225936-interiors-for-cup-buildings/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3382297 (BI forum) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1883956552 (Steam Workshop) The mod has been uploaded a week ago and has already 7,3 k subscribers and 500 favourites! I a week! If they can do it, you can do it also! See how epic and pretty CUP terrains look only with this small 2 MB Mod! A lot of CUP objects already exist in Arma 3, for example the barrier, a lot of misc and so on. Just replace it! Save drive memory! So if that would be done, you could retexture everything as the next step. I'm sure you can, (and by the way, I'd suggest cgbookcase.com, a site with dozens of high quality royality free textures for artists, modders etc.), and also imagine how ... lecherous CUP could look with new building textures, Livonia lightning (take a look at this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862157876&searchtext=livonia+light), contact building, vanilla assets, 2k textures and so on. Believe me, you would do the community a much greater favor than you already did. Please think about it.
  22. @EO I'm very sorry about my rude behaviour and I'll try to behave rule-conform in future.
  23. WOW, this looks awesome! Any dependencies known yet?
  24. God damn this is so fucking perfect!!! Please... oh mighty god please make this dream happen! It seems like a mod --- but also like a AAA game!!!!!! Is that even possible? There can be even one reason... DEUS VULT!!! When will you release this wet dream of each Arma 3 gamer? Soon?