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  1. Here's a mod conflict report, specifically with RHS:AFRF:


    The Tochka (aka 9P129, SS-21) launchers from RHS:AFRF use a special script to set up the launching vehicle and fire the missile. With 3CB Factions loaded,

    everything works execept the kinda crucial part of actually being able to launch the missile. This has been reported with RHS here:




    But they claim whatever mod causes the breakage is at fault (something to do with overwriting turrets).


    A Steam user has reported these steps to reproduce:


    1) Load RHS (I tested with blue, red green ones) and 3CB
    2) Open editor and map (I tested in Altis)
    3) Place a 9P129-1M (9M79B) [any version would fail tho]
    4) Hit Play
    5) Switch to gunner
    6) Open console and select Firing Position
    7) Wait a couple minutes, then Designate Target (choose a target farther than 500mts and within a conical area of 30 degrees in front of the vehicle (try to designate straight in front of the vehicle but more than 500 mts away :P)
    8) Hit Launch


    With 3CB Factions, nothing happens, without it, the missile fires just fine. Note that the occasional "Can't set owner" error message may be a red herring, and that sometimes, you have to exit and re-enter the vehicle after setting up the rocket in the firing position, which is an Arma limitation.