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    Real life cockpit novel question

    I am a writer trying to finish a climactic scene in a novel. The scene involves two helicopters, in the air over a lake in Mexico. One is a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, piloted by the villain in the piece. The other is a Mexico police helicopter (make unspecified). The scene is set in 1976. My question is this: can the pilot of the Bell 206 fire his 9mm handgun out the window at the police helicopter while piloting the helicopter, and hit the person in the “copilot” seat? And can a person in the police helicopter fire a rifle at the villain in the Bell 206 and hit him? Also, can a passenger in the Bell 206 jump out while in flight? To add to the confusion, there is a third helicopter, a TV traffic chopper, flying overhead and filming the shootout. I’d appreciate any comments from experienced pilots. Thanks.