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    Additions and Issues

    First I want to comment on the issues that I and many others have "encountered" lol anyways, Lot's of stuttering and server crashes, Audio issues while in spectating mode and audio cut out, flinch when hit not sure if intended if so I honestly think it needs removed, while shooting a weapon in auto it often at times stays shooting even though I'm not holding the trigger and wastes ammo, inaccuracy with 1st and 3rd person views such as trying to lean next to cover especially rocks, inconsistent bullet recoil while in 1st and 3rd person, sometimes I try to prone/crouch and it won't let me do either also when coming out of prone/crouching and trying to stand up it sometimes forces me back into the prone/crouch position, lots of bobbing up and down while crossing the river. That's all I can think off the top of my head. Now let's talk about what I think should be brought/added to the game. WE NEED 60FPS NO DOUBT, weapon optics such as red dot, acog, holographic, hybrid sight and maybe thermal, add ricochet for friendly fire for the person who's shooting the teammate deals damage instead of the person being shot, toggle feature for 1st and 3rd person to hep out with 1st and 3rd person weapon accuracy meaning instead of a toggle feature it's a setting, I personally would love more clarity/visibility in weather conditiond cause I think before even seeing/hearing an enemy it's already to late, we need some type of incentive for the more aggressive players cause I think Vigor caters to camping to much, forgot to mention but weapon optics if added should only be able to be acquired from Air Drops and the Vault. That's everything I can think off the top of my head and really hope one of the devs sees this and take some of this into consideration and or fix some of these issues. I really Vigor needs to be 60 fps, if you guys can do that it'll be a great leap into bettering the game overall and basically be a brand new experience with the game.